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Friday, June 12, 2009

Michelle Malkin has David Letterman's Number

He's "the perv" who holds women in contempt!

David Letterman's perverted joke about baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, "knocking up" Sarah Palin's daughter during the seventh inning stretch was beyond tasteless. Palin was attending the game with 14-year-old Willow. Since when is statutory rape a joke? Letterman claimed later he was referring to the older daughter Bristol, as if that improves his crass comments. Fact is the man is a slimeball beneath contempt who wallows in his own verbal excrement. His perverted "humor" is only matched by his chutzpah! He had the gall to follow this disgusting behavior by inviting the Palins to appear on his show!

How would any mother respond to such an offer? Her spokesman dismissed it saying, “The Palins have no intention of providing a ratings boost for David Letterman by appearing on his show. Plus, it would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman.” Yup, parents have an obligation to protect their daughters from dirty-old-men in trenchcoats even when they're verbal perverts who leave the trenchcoats in the closet and disguise themselves in suits and ties.

Letterman has a history of attacking Sarah Palin. Why does the left hate this beautiful and articulate woman so much? Don Suber at Daily Mail has a theory:

"Too many American liberals cannot handle a strong, good-looking, intelligent, independent woman who disagrees with them — and so they make the crude, cruel and sexist remarks — including those about raping them or their 14-year-old daughters....

"So-called feminists stand on the sidelines like so many Silda Spitzers or Elizabeth Edwardses or Hillary Clintons, standing by their menfolk while the boys treat women like dirt. Heck, Mrs. Edwards even served as her husband’s attack dog against any critic — even as she knew he was sleeping with his mistress of many years.

"Consider the lack of any reaction by the left to David Letterman’s crude remark that Gov. Palin is buying make-up for that 'slutty flight attendant look' insulted not just her but every woman. How could any woman respect such a man?

"And yet the left said nothing."

Ultimately, NOW added Letterman to its "Hall of Shame," but I suspect they are snickering behind their backs. After all, Palin isn't a "real woman" because she doesn't support the feminist sacrament of abortion.

As for David Letterman - the dirty old man deserves a nighttime visit from a few good men with a bucket of tar and a feather pillow.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I read this in the news. Did any of you see this?

First Lady Michelle Obama, and her daughters Malia and Sasha were in England a few days ago and for Sasha's Birthday, they got a tour of the set of the new Harry Potter film, did you hear about this Paul?

No, I didn't.

Well it turned out that Sasha got a special birthday gift from Daniel Radcliffe. She was allowed to do a nude sex scene with him.

Hee.... Hee... Hee..

Can't wait for that movie to come out. Harry Potter Bonking the American President's Eight Year old Daughter.

Hee... Hee.. Hee..


Think that's funny?

Conservatives don't. And that's the difference. That is why liberalism isn't merely wrong but is indeed evil.

Ray Schneider said...

I googled that and of course it was a comment by one "Paul" to a news story about the Obama birthday party on the Harry Potter set in London.

It is in poor taste, but whether the person is a liberal or just a pervert is hard to ascertain. I think it is unlikely that all liberals are perverts, although all liberals seem to have a distorted view of reality, not necessarily as narcissistic as Obama's.

Ray Schneider said...

Correction: it was a comment commenting on a comment about the Letterman affair, see

So perhaps there is some warrant for considering the letter writer a liberal.