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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Arnold Ross and George Tiller: Two Child Killers

Arnold Ross, a 17-year-old teen from the west bank in New Orleans, is charged with raping and murdering his girlfriend's 8-month old baby boy. A news report described the situation saying, "The infant, Da-Von Lonzo, was taken to Ochsner Westbank where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival, according to a release issued by Col. John Fortunato, a spokesman for the sheriff's office. The death was initially unclassified, but the Jefferson Parish coroner's office later reported it as a homicide after an autopsy of the child's body revealed multiple fractures consistent with a beating and tears in the anus." The comments following the story express horror over what happened to this poor little baby. But I imagine some of the same individuals calling for the blood of the killer would describe themselves as pro-choice and excuse a similar crime provided the baby was murdered nine months earlier at eight months in utero.

That's what George Tiller did every day: injected saline solution to scald babies and burn off their skin, stabbed them in the neck and sucked out their brains, thrust a needle full of digoxin into their hearts to stop its beating - his methods changed over the years, but all guaranteed delivery of a battered and dead baby. Yet Tiller is a hero to the pro-abortion mob while Ross, no doubt, they would consider a monster. Tiller didn't rape the babies; he performed a mechanical rape on their mothers using sterile instruments to violate the sanctuary of the uterus. But he, we are told, was a brave man wielding his murderous instruments against the little ones. He was eulogized at his funeral as a "passionate and generous man who repeatedly overcame difficult challenges." A friend described him as "Mr. Enthusiasm," which was certainly true of his attitude toward killing children.

Well, Mr. Enthusiasm, meet your philosophical twin, Arnold Ross, a young man raised in a culture that allows the dismembering of near term babies in utero. He never knew a time that pornography wasn't rampant, fornication wasn't encouraged, and child killing wasn't legal. He grew up in an age where liberal policies destroyed the black family driving fathers from the home, encouraging mothers to replace them with Uncle Sugar and his welfare checks.

How can anyone be surprised when the young treat life as cheap and expendable. They've learned the lessons of the culture too well, perhaps. One can do whatever he likes and eliminate the consequences. The young find out too late that some killing is more equal than others.

There's precious little difference between little Da-Von Lonzo and the babies killed at Tiller's abortuary - about ten pounds, in fact. But Tiller performed respectible murders that left him awash in money that he shared with liberal politicians. His politically correct killing filled Kathleen Sebelius' campaign chest and those of other liberal politicians. As the Bible says, "Love of money is the root of all evils" and it can buy a lot of approval from those who lust after it.

As for me, I can't see much difference between George Tiller, mass child killer, and Arnold Ross, killer of one. They were philosophical twins. The pro-abortion "martyr" and the child abusing "monster" had more in common than our society is likely to admit.


Anonymous said...

Good article. In the Culture of Death, infanticide is simply abortion delayed.

Anonymous said...

According to the Founding Fathers,
the primary purpose of American Democracy, which is run by wealthy powers ( 1 party, 2 factions) is control of the population.Contraception and abortion are forms of control. These crimes ( of murder) are not punished but honored by a society intent on control of the people. Control is their most important commandment. Random street killing are a form of rebellion against the organized system of control and therefore, those who step out of line, are punished in a severe fashion.
That in part expains why mass murderers like abortion doctors, and those who dispense birth control pills are left alone by the law enforcement powers.
And explains why shooting a gun at someone ( and missing) can still put you in jail for 20 years.
America is swiftly moving into a condition where
thoughts and speech will be controlled and repressed. violate
those norms, and pay a huge price in terms of jail. In other words, calling an abortionist a killer, might land yu 5 yrs in jail for hate speech and inciting hate.
7 years if you name names. Efforts are underway as I write to do exactly this. As the population of America grows and communication systems become more developed, the amount of repression must grow
even faster or the powers in place
risk being swept from power. This is not a democrat or republican issue, since a republican administration (2000-2008)took away a laundry list of rights from Americans. This is a matter of the rich keeping the poorer classes in line, and under control.

The powerful are not dumb at all.

If 20,000 people turned out to protest Tillers funeral, it is almost a slam dunk that dogs and tear gas would have been used, no matter how peaceful and prayerful those 20,000 were. Such a crowd would be a threat to organize government control.

Anonymous said...

If you go back to the Book of Genesis, God created Adam out of the dust of the earth. Then he created Eve, He left it up to the first couple to bring life into the world. Each time a child is created into the womb, God breathes life into that child and gives it a soul. Also the Ten Commandments are given to the child by Our Heavenly Father.

When a doctor does an abortion on a mother he commits murder on a little child, and damages the mother with blunt instruments.

No one from the anti life side will let you know how many mothers suffer from Post traumatic syndrome. They need help, and that is where Rachel's Vinyard will help them to ask forgiveness of a loving God, make a good confession and help other who suffer who will not bring their babies to term.

Why would any one want to have access to the marriage act when they know a baby can be conceived. God creates life a man and woman cooperates with God in given life. Mother Teresa warned us that abortion brings destruction on the nation that makes abortion legal.

Anonymous said...

Abortion is a product of cowardice. Western civilization has lost its courage and refuses to take the chance and the love involved in cooperating with God and having children. It is much easier to have a career and dogs and/or cats. Dogs and cats make no demands on do not have to sacrifice your time, your desires, your "career", your vacations. However, as the Europeans are finding out that when you get old, you get old and die alone. No children to see you to the "other side", no children to mourn you, no children to love and remember you.
How very, very sad.

Unknown said...

Damned stupid idiot. Arnold Ross beat a living, breathing child to death then stuffed his fingers in him. George Tiller preformed abortions on women who weren't able to support having a child who may have been raped or who may have had mental or physical problems that could have died if they gave birth to the child.

How is it 'rape' if the women went to him willingly and ASKED him to perform these procedures on them to get rid of an unwanted fetus?