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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gay Recruitment at Boston City Hall

Boston is a gay mecca and proud of it. For 15 years they've hosted a "gay prom" at the end of Youth Pride Day open to children as young as 12 up to adults of 22. (Exactly why do 22-year-old homosexual adults want to hang out with 12--year-olds, eh?) The event draws children from middle and high school and offers loud bands, making out in the ballroom (no sex, though), etc. Many of these kids are indoctrinated into this garbage through gay-straight alliance clubs in their local schools. Where are the parents? I suppose they are being "tolerant." These are the same kinds of parents who would have taken their kids to the Roman coliseum to watch the Christians be fed to the lions. They are feeding their own kids to the perverted.

Make no mistake. Homosexuals are after the children. It's the only way they can reproduce. Bullying programs, gay-straight clubs, gay's all about reaching kids during a vulnerable time and convincing them they're "gay." If you want to teach your children to do something, you expose them to it -- frequently. You practice it. You approve of it.

Of course all this exposure creates gay kids. It's insane to think it wouldn't. Check out GLSEN, the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), Safe Schools, etc.; they are recruiters for the gay lifestyle. GSA offers activist summer camps for middle school and high school students.

All I can say is - If you love your kids get them out of the public schools (and bad Catholic schools as well). Home-schooling may be the only answer for some areas of the country. Check out the complete article on this obscene event at World Net Daily.


Anonymous said...


I have worked with lgbt teens wo struggle to overcome the conduct of parents that is driven by ignorance.

I think we can safely say gays do not recruit, but we can also safely ask 'can Catholicism say the same thing, that *it* does not recruit?

Being lgbt is something we are born with, and we work to live our lives as best we can.

I do not wish to continually skewer Catholicism - I was raised Catholic - but when it sets its sights on us, well, I am sure most agree we have a right to self-defence.

I was six years old when first awareness came to me of gender and body being at odds. No one recruited me, I was created this way.

It is so much easier to get along, so much easier to love one another, instead of thinking we have the right to condemn others for being themselves.

New England is actually a very safe place for lgbt folk, continuing a proud tradition of opposing bigotry and prejudice.

I hope the rest of the nation catches up with us.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Your attempts to brainwash parents into accepting sodomy as normal is wrong. Parents need to love their children unconditionally, but the worst thing they can do is let their children blackmail them into blessing their sins. There is not one iota of evidence that homosexuals are "born that way." There is plenty of evidence that young people who are vulnerable because of home problems are introduced into the behavior by being seduced or molested.

And your claim that gays don't recruit is absurd on its face. At a 2008 dyke march in Boston, lesbians marched to the chant, “Ten percent is not enough, recruit, recruit, recruit!” The Vagina Monologues is a recruitment vehicle for lesbianism. Most gay groups seek to eliminate the age of consent because the most effective recruitment technique is child rape. And where is the best place to recruit? Schools. Desensitize kids to the gay lifestyle by constantly talking about it; take advantage of the sexual confusion of adolescents being raised in broken and dysfunctional families by grooming them with homo-friendly sex ed in grammar school and gay/straight clubs in middle and high school. Yes, it is all about taking the children.

Anonymous said...

I have heard it said many times some people feel they were born with a same sex attraction.
If we assume that the sins of the parents can be reflected in the children, maybe this is God's curse. It sounds a bit far fetched, but I have heard very intelligent Catholic priests teach this. Romans, Ch 1, suggests it is a curse from turning away from God.
Others might know more. One thing I do know and that is when Jesus was born, according to the writings of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, there were no murderers or homosexuals on earth. They all died prior to his comong by an act of God. That tells me those are the two most offensive creatures on earth in God's eyes, murderers and sodomites.

MgS said...

Your attempts to brainwash parents into accepting sodomy as normal is wrong.

Your assumptions in this are numerous and flawed.

Sexual identity is discrete from sexual acts. Homosexual and bisexual behaviour happens in both male and females.

Second, the characterization of the Boston party in the cited article is highly debatable. There is no such thing as recruiting among GLBT people - those who are GLBT know they are. Period.

When you remove the 'recruitment' slant in the Worldnet article, one is left with nothing more sinister than a college frat party writ large.

Condemn some of the inappropriate activities (which are there - but those happen in lots of situations), but please do so from an intellectually honest perspective.

... and yes, diverse sexual and gender identities are arguably nothing more than natural variation between individuals.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Ilhaesa, I don't know what happened to you. Perhaps you were a 6-year-old tomboy who loved to do "boy" type activities. As for your "gender and body being at odds" there is absolutely no evidence that there is any kind of biological component to same-sex attraction. I suspect as an adult you are imposing on your childhood memories a view you need now to justify your immoral choices.

The Church does not have her sites set on you except in the sense she sets her sites on all of us sinners - calling us to be whole and holy. No one may misuse his sexuality; we are all called to chastity, i.e., the right use of our sexual powers. That includes me. I am called to be celibate except for one person, my husband, to whom I've been faithful for almost 40 years. Marital chastity requires that we are faithful and true to each other and practice the conjugal act in a way that is always open to life.

MsG, your characterization of a party that includes 12-year-olds as harmless and not an attempt to recruit is ridiculous on its face. I don't know any normal 22 year olds who want to party with little kids who are hardly even into puberty. But the homosexual community has a whole terminology for these "chickens" (young boys) and the "chicken hawks" (older males who prey on young boys) to describe them.

You can pretend all you want that the "gay" lifestyle is normal and people are "born that way." It's a convenient lie to cover up the predatory nature of the homosexual lifestyle. Almost 40% of child abuse is committed by homosexuals who represent 2-3% of the population. So of course it is all about recruitment. The younger the recruit, the less likely he's contracted AIDS and other deadly STDs ----- yet.

Anonymous said...

@Mary Ann Kreitzer

Many homosexuals do not just use "we are born that way" as a way to justify their actions. I would say many of them actually believe it because they are confused in their sexuality. IIhaesa said her "gender and body were at odds"...... confusion. She was tempted by something that you and I are not tempted by. Something that felt right but is a sin.


There is actually a scientific explanation for the confusion you felt at six. When a boy is born he bonds with his mother for the first 18 months of his life. At about 18 months the boy will emotionally distance himself from his mother and establish the relationship with his father, discovering that he is like his father sexually. If this emotional connection is never made than there is sexual confusion for the child.

As far as the explanation for girls being lesbian, I have not done enough research to be sure. But I do know that there is a scientific explanation that points to sexual confusion.

I just want you to know that I am not trying to judge you in any way. However, I do very strongly believe that homosexuality is sin and that it is condemned by God. I want to point you to the truth, that God did not make you this way. Just look at the statistics of homosexuals. There is absolutely no good that comes from it other then satisfying your pleasure, and indulging in that pleasure is a sin.

Unknown said...

Reading this now, a few years later and I can't believe you or any of you claim any intelligence. Your lack of simple knowledge based on false faith to be correct, have you not seen kids commit suicide and yet here you are yelling on your soap box...I swear you guys are pathetic if you still believe this crap.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

There is an epidemic of teen suicides -- not just gay teen suicides. At the risk of being cynical, teen suicide is a big boost to the gay agenda -- one more way to skewer anyone who criticizes homosexuality. "Your hate kills!"

It was the same lie surrounding the murder of Matthew Shephard. His primary killer was gay. It was a drug deal gone bad, but that didn't stop gay activists from spinning a narrative of homophobic hate.

As for recruitment, it's a given in the homosexual community as one honest gay activist has said.

As for "Lack of simple knowledge with false faith," that seems to describe your post. No data, just "crap."