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Saturday, June 6, 2009

We need to elect solid conservatives to Congress

I first "met" Christina Jeffrey when we were both fighting to protect Terri Schiavo from being starved and dehydrated to death in Florida. Christina is a true conservative and a pro-lifer who will defend constitutional rights: the right to life, the right to bear arms, the right to work, and all the other rights guaranteed under our Constitution. Christina is running in the fourth district of South Carolina in a Republican primary against a big-government moderate. He has a pro-life voting record, but also voted against a bill prohibiting mandatory mental health screening in the schools, a violation of parental rights. He supports the global warming scam and has moved more and more toward the left in the last ten years.

If we are going to take back the government from left-wing liberals, we can't do it with left-wing Republicans. We need true constitutionalists who will fight to uphold the values and principles upon which the nation was founded. After you "meet" Christina, I hope you'll send her a donation ASAP. Visit her website and help to take back America. Whatever state you live in, you win when another pro-life, constitutional conservative goes to Washington. Please help Christina, a Ph.D. political science college professor, take her wisdom to Washington.


Ray Schneider said...

An impressive lady Mary. I listened to the clip you included then put it on Political Brambles after making a donation to her campaign. I hope she does well.

Anonymous said...

Honest people with high ideals sometimes make it into Congress.
Sometimes they remain, as long as ( to quote from the movie godfather) "your interests do not conflicts with mine".
The problem is to move legislation forward, you need others to help you. And if you want their help on a vote, then you have to help them.
Either you give up your ideals and integrity or you become powerless, and are soon defeated in your re election bid since your opponent will highlights you as someone who cannot deliver.

What's the solution. One solution is a independent press. How could an American who wants to learn about the overthrow of the Indonesian government in 1965, by the United States, replaced with a brutal dictator, who ended up killing about 1,000,000 peasants, ever learn of that? American
newspapers? Nope. Do child in high school ever learn of these historical events. No. they learn of 60000 para troppers storming a tiny air strip in Grenande to disarm 20 cuban workers who were building an airstrip and posing a grave threat to American democracy. Keep them in fear, and send a message to the world: We can beat up anyone, anytime and the Bush doctrine of 2004 says we need no reason to attack you.
A free press will alow Americans to rid the governnment of such people and restore our Constitutional Republic, from the brutal regime that has a firm grip on power at the present time.