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Monday, June 1, 2009

Testimony of a reformed pro-abortionist

See Human Life International

"I was told to antagonize the pro-lifers and I made the girls throw out any pro-life literature before entering the clinic. ... We would tell them, "Those people out there are terrorists, it's safer in here. They're crazy." I even told one group, "That woman out there was just released from Meadowview Mental Hospital. Don't talk to her; she killed her family." ... As soon as I got here last August, I joined the "Freedom of Choice Action League." They're big at Pine and Market. Some of them practice witchcraft and sometimes they chalk pentagrams [a Satanic symbol] on the sidewalks. ... I had written about how they openly practice witchcraft and how the clinic director tells us, every time we beat up the pro-lifers, to cover their cameras. ... I wrote [in an editorial to the Wichita Eagle] that pro-abortionists displayed sex toys in front of children and how they dumped semen and urine on people at national rescues. I personally defaced churches, LIFE, Inc., and HopeNet. I apologize for that. ... They hate God, they're anti-Christian ...
"Pro-abortionists are the terrorists, not the pro-lifers. They're the ones throwing bricks through people's windows and doing obscene things. I was shocked when I went to the Crypt to pray and they were screaming and yelling, shouting obscenities, while all the pro-lifers were praying silently."

— Reformed pro-abortion activist Raymond Rivera.[1]

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