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Friday, June 5, 2009

Is the Homosexual Priest Problem Really Behind Us?

You would think homosexual priests would be cautious these days about abusing kids in view of the risks inherent since the massive exposure. But homosexuals tend to be risk takers who enjoy the thrill of danger. Perhaps that explains the recent case of Fr. Antonio Cortes. Homosexual men simply cannot be ordained to the priesthood. It is too great a danger - not only to the children and the men involved, but to Holy Mother Church. Consider the damage done by Archbishop Weakland who, even in retirement, is continuing to scandalize and damage the faith.

And who among his brother bishops will call him to account?

It is clear that the laity must rise up against these evils because apparently our shepherds will not.

May God have mercy on us.


Ray Schneider said...

Why should it be behind us? Nothing substantive seems to have been done. Almost all the action has been against the laity from what I've seen as if they were the problem. Posturing is what the hierarchy is really good at.

Anonymous said...

I have some very good insider sources from Milwaukee. I saw what
Weakland did during his
tenure. I compare Bishop Weakland to Gen Sherman and his march to the sea. His actions were very hurtful to many people I know, people who are good,loyal devout Catholics who only wanted to do good for the Church. He opposed them at every turn and went out of his way to close their beautiful churches. Rome was silent. The Papal Nuncio was silent. The money shortage was in part based on him raising the salaries of priests from $12,000 to $40,000 when he came to town. That created lots of supporters for him on day one. Imagine your boss gave you a 300% raise. Closing churches lightened the load for the clergy. I knew of priests who had so much free time ( and extra money) they became farmers while still the pastor. By the time he was outed from office, he had swept the diocese of conservative priests. Archbishop Dolan kept every single employee in place when he took over. Parishioners in one town with a small church and a $500,000 bank balance in their account and priests lined up and
willing to say Mass at the parish,were repeatedly ignored
and the church kept closed. that parish opened in 1865. Weakland closed it in the 1990's for no reason. 392 parishioners told to find a new home.

Older beautiful churches with a slightly conservative congregation, were closed and forced to merge with modern super liberal parishes.
Those Church buildings were then sold to non-Catholic denominations for a song. One sold for 20% of appraised value.

I have seen these types of anti- Catholic actions in other dioceses and more than once the priest was
eventually expelled from the priethood , but only when his homosexual actions ended up getting him arrested.

Rome got thousands of complaints from parishioners. It was a complete waste of time and postage.

Multiple my story by 5000 and you have the legacy of homosexual bishop Weakland, who spent his term of office ruining churches,
demoralizing parishioners and who knows what else.