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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Will the Real Terrorists Please Stand Up

Several kind individuals have requested permission to place this article on their websites and asked me to re-post it on my own site in a more prominent position. I, therefore, accede to their requests and move it back to the top of the queue. Mary Ann

I'm one of those people the pro-aborts call a pro-life "terrorist." Since 1972, the year before Roe vs. Wade, I've devoted a large percentage of my life to trying to save unborn children from death and their moms from a lifetime of regret. I've picketed abortion mills praying the rosary, sidewalked counseled (and have a number of photos of precious babies as a result), rescued inside abortion mills, given hundreds of talks on fetal development and the reality of abortion, exhorted abortionists to stop killing, worked in a crisis pregnancy center, helped organize the Life Chain, and spent a month in jail all told. My husband and I offered a shelter home to over a dozen women over a fifteen year period. There are lots of pro-life "terrorists" like me.

During that time I've been:

cursed at

given the finger

advised to get a job


arrested for no reason

arrested for any reason

picked up and thrown into a group of rescuers

surrounded by a screaming mob yelling in my face as I stood in silence holding a fetal model

I've marched in countless demonstrations

had clinic escorts threaten and block me from talking to women on the public sidewalk

had snowballs thrown at me by a couple of guys while I picketed by myself

been to court with a new baby strapped to my chest

and gone to jail

Never, not once, have I screamed back, shoved, harrassed, cursed at anyone, gotten in someone's face, hit (or even touched) anyone in anger.

I confess that I have talked to parents and tried to convince them not to kill their children. I've offered them information (and sometimes doughnuts), I've driven them to McDonald's for breakfast and then to a crisis pregnancy center. I've prayed thousands of rosaries in the freezing cold and the burning heat (and even in beautiful weather when I'd rather be anywhere else). I've cuddled saved babies in my arms rejoicing and organized baby showers for their moms. I've hugged weeping post-aborted women and cried with them.

Yes, I guess I'm a pro-life "terrorist."

One thing I've never done, and never even been tempted to do, is shoot anyone or harm them in any way.

I refuse to take responsibility for George Tiller's murder. I will not be silenced. I will not change my behavior. I will not stop going to abortion mills or doing whatever I can to change the mind of a woman seeking abortion. I will not be bullied by the baby killers or soften my language to make torturing and killing children seem like a walk in the park. If water-boarding, which doesn't endanger the life of the victim, is torture...if pulling the legs off, or burning, or scalding a pet gets you a prison sentence...why is it okay to dismember, burn, and scald a baby?

George Tiller and his pro-abortion advocates are the real terrorists, not the pro-life movement. Just look at the pictures of their victims.


Anonymous said...

Magnificent post, Mak!

The hate - just peruse the blogs - is all on their side, not ours.

Keep at it, all of us!


Robert Kumpel said...

I too have stood in front of clinics praying the rosary. The obscenities shouted at me and the others are unprintable. The threats were constant. We parked blocks away to hide our cars from vandalism and having our license plates entered into a database.

About the nicest thing I can say about the whole experience is at least the police were supportive. They were always called to "warn us" and they were always polite and often supportive. If we had broken any laws, we would have been arrested. Of course, we never did.

No, we were exercising free speech. But as you demonstrate with this post, free speech is only supported when it supports the left.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that the forces who would like to throw the peaceful pro-life people ( mostly Christians) into jail for expressing their opinions and beliefs on abortion, under the
charge theyare spreading HATE,
are the SAME people who have thrown the public holocaust questioners
into jail for questioning claims of the holocaust that cannot be reconciled with reality or chemistry.
Pro-lifers cheer as one group is led away to jail, never fully understanding they might be next.
This is communism and it is making great inroads into American life.
If pro lifers will not stand up for free speech for one group, why will people in general stand for for them.

Ray Schneider said...

Who says that prolifers approve the jailing of holocaust deniers ... I just think they are stupid. Going to jail for being stupid seems a bit extreme.
Going to jail for murdering children in the womb is another matter.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I've never known anybody thrown in jail for denying the holocaust. I just think it's a nutty position to take. Too many eye witnesses were in the camps, including canonized saints.

I'm currently reading Christ in Dachau by an Austrian priest imprisoned there and I'm re-reading Victor Frankl's book, Man's Search for Meaning. Frankl wrote the book in 1946 less than a year after he was liberated when the memory was fresh in his mind. I can see no reason for him to lie about his experiences.

He writes about the day he arrived when prisoners were sent to either the left or the right:

"It was the first selection, the first verdict made on our existence or non-existence. For the great majority of our transport, about 90 per cent, it meant death. Their sentence was carried out within the next few hours. Those who were sent to the left were marched from the station straight to the crematorium. This building, as I was told by someone who worked there, had the word "bath" written over its doors in several European languages. On entering, each prisoner was handed a piece of soap, and then -- but mercifully I do not need to describe the events which followed. Many accounts have been written about this horror.
"We who were saved, the minority of our transport, found out the truth in the evening. I inquired from prisoners who had been there for some time where my colleague and friend P____ had been sent.
"Was he sent to the left side?"
"Yes," I repolied.
"then you can see him there," I was told.
"Where?" A hand pointed to the chimney a few hundred yards off, which was sending a column of flame up into the grey sky of Poland....
"That's where your friend is, floating up to Heaven," was the answer."


You've asked in other posts, "Where are the mass graves?" You don't need mass graves for crematoria ashes. George Tiller knew that. He had a crematorium attached to his abortion mill.

Denying the holocaust plays into the hands of the culture of death. It happened. It killed plenty of Catholics as well as the "defective races." I presume you are not in jail despite denying the holocaust so please drop the martyr pose.

At this point I think you've had your say over and over on my blog. You've expressed your opinion even when it's irrelevant to my posts. Actually, most of the time your comments are irrelevant. I'm deleting any further comments on this subject. Start your own blog if you want to continue the conversation. Although you may only be talking to yourself.

Ed Peters said...

MAK. Great post. Since that other topic, I've looked around at your site. Neat.

One of these Days, the Lord's gonna ask "What did you do for My tiniest brothers?" You'll have an impressive answer.

My own twist will be 4 babies saved with my female counselling partners (sorry, no photos, guys aren't into photos), one brick dodged, and one pistol pointed at me from a truck as I marched alone outside the clinic. Plenty of folks driven to Birthright or McD's, etc., and even once as a delegate to state political convention.

When I think of Judgment, I think of how terrible it would be to face God with 40 million accusers, and what a consolation it will be to have that many babies say "Well, Lord, he wasn't much use, when you get right down to it, but he did try."

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm always thrilled to meet another pro-life activist, Ed. I'm out of sidewalk counseling loop since my husband retired and we moved out to the Shenandoah Valley where there are no nearby abortion mills. (Thanks be to God.