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Monday, June 1, 2009

A Tale of Two Shootings - Hypocrisy on the left

What a difference a day makes. On Sunday, late term abortionist George Tiller was shot and killed and the left went ballistic, many making statements attacking the entire pro-life movement even before the assailant was in custody. Today, two uniformed military recruiters were shot and one killed in Little Rock as they stood outside the station and the silence is deafening. What gives? Are middle-aged abortionists worth more than young military enlistees? Or is it that the liberal left is quick to jump to conclusions and accuse the pro-life community and the conservative right is not so quick to accuse left-wing anti-war activists? I smell a double standard.

Examine the facts. The immediate presumption following the Sunday morning killing of Tiller was that a pro-life activist was guilty and the entire movement was responsible. With no evidence, no arrest, no motive, no anything, already the left was in screech mode calling for justice against pro-lifers who kill with their hate speech. President Obama ratcheted up the rhetoric when he issued a statement late in the day describing himself as "shocked and outraged" saying, "However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence." The presumption was, even by the president, that it was a crime of the pro-life movement as a whole. It serves his purpose.

ABC reported the alleged shooter, Scott Roeder, as "being one of the most outspoken anti-abortion militants in the country." Their source? - the Southern Poverty Law Center, an ultra-left organization that includes in their "hate groups" list traditional Catholics and those who oppose gay rights. That ABC would use them as a reliable source indicates just how biased they are. Buried in many news reports was the statement that Roeder is believed to have acted alone. But that is not slowing down the accusations against and demonization of millions of pro-life Americans.

You would think from the hysterical reporting that abortionists are being killed on every streetcorner. Here's a reality check: The last murder of an abortionist was in 1998 in Canada when James Kopp killed Barnett Slepian. The tally is 3,000 to 4,000 babies killed every day and one abortionist every ten years. If pro-life "hate speech" is responsible, we're not very effective. But the pro-abortionists know that's a lie. Pro-lifers aren't the violent ones. This is all about taking advantage of an opportunity.

Now let's look at the killing in Little Rock today. There isn't much I can say because very little has been reported about it. Unlike the Tiller hysteria, the two young men in Little Rock, one dead one wounded, have apparently already achieved their fifteen minutes of fame. Did anyone suggest that their shooting was the act of left-wing anti-war activists - the descendents of folks like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorn? Not that I've heard. Are any right wing pro-military organizations or talk show hosts stirring up anger against opponents of the military? Nope. Is anybody in the mainstream media reporting theories that the shooter was motivated by the hate-speech on the left? Nah!

Why do you think that is? Maybe because the alleged shooter is a convert to Islam and we all know that Islam is a religion of peace.

Yes, they all come in peace: the abortionists, NOW, NARAL, Planned Parenthood. It is only the Christian right that is violent and filled with hate. Just ask the kind, compassionate, and tolerant folks on the left. They'll tell you. I wonder what the babies would say if they could express their opinion.


Christina Dunigan said...

Whenever an abortionist kills a patient, the response of the abortion lobby is to dismiss the death as an aberration. These deaths happen about ten times a year. (That the CDC admits to.)

No matter how heinous the malpractice -- having a "hand holder" assist with general anesthesia, shoving a hemorrhaging patient out the door in a wheelchair to bleed to death, massively overdosing a patient then leaving her unattended to lapse into a coma -- we're told that we're not to let these "few bad apples" color our opinion of abortion practitioners in general. Think of the hundreds of abortionists who didn't kill patients this year!

But when an abortionist gets shot, the perspective changes. Suddenly the act of JUST ONE PERSON is a reflection of the roughly 160 million other people who object to abortion. His actions are representative. All those antichoicers are JUST LIKE HIM. We're not to look at the actions of the 160 million prolifers who have done nothing violent. We're only to look at this one guy. He's representative.

Ten dead patients a year aren't a sign that abortionists are sloppy.

One dead abortionist every ten years, however, is a sign that prolifers are violent.

Which is just the sort of logic I'd expect from the movement that asserts that you honor motherhood by killing babies.

Unknown said...

Very, very good article. Very well said.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that the forces who would like to throw the peaceful pro-life people ( mostly Christians) into jail for expressing their opinions and beliefs on abortion, under the
charge they are spreading HATE,
are the SAME people who have thrown the public holocaust questioners ( mostly Catholics)
into jail for questioning claims of the holocaust that cannot be reconciled with reality or chemistry.
Pro-lifers cheer as one group is led away to jail, never fully understanding they might be next.
This is communism and it is making great inroads into American life.
If pro lifers will not stand up for free speech for one group, why will people in general stand up for them.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I've never known anybody thrown in jail for denying the holocaust. I just think it's a nutty position to take. Too many eye witnesses were in the camps, including canonized saints.

I'm currently reading Christ in Dachau by an Austrian priest imprisoned there and I'm re-reading Victor Frankl's book, Man's Search for Meaning. Frankl wrote the book in 1946 less than a year after he was liberated when the memory was fresh in his mind. I can see no reason for him to lie about his experiences.

He writes about the day he arrived when prisoners were sent to either the left or the right:

"It was the first selection, the first verdict made on our existence or non-existence. For the great majority of our transport, about 90 per cent, it meant death. Their sentence was carried out within the next few hours. Those who were sent to the left were marched from the station straight to the crematorium. This building, as I was told by someone who worked there, had the word "bath" written over its doors in several European languages. On entering, each prisoner was handed a piece of soap, and then -- but mercifully I do not need to describe the events which followed. Many accounts have been written about this horror.
"We who were saved, the minority of our transport, found out the truth in the evening. I inquired from prisoners who had been there for some time where my colleague and friend P____ had been sent.
"Was he sent to the left side?"
"Yes," I repolied.
"then you can see him there," I was told.
"Where?" A hand pointed to the chimney a few hundred yards off, which was sending a column of flame up into the grey sky of Poland....
"That's where your friend is, floating up to Heaven," was the answer."


You've asked in other posts, "Where are the mass graves?" You don't need mass graves for crematoria ashes. George Tiller knew that. He had a crematorium attached to his abortion mill.

Denying the holocaust plays into the hands of the culture of death. It happened. It killed plenty of Catholics as well as the "defective races." I presume you are not in jail despite denying the holocaust so please drop the martyr pose.

At this point I think you've had your say over and over on my blog. You've expressed your opinion even when it's irrelevant to my posts. Actually, most of the time your comments are irrelevant. I'm deleting any further comments on this subject. Start your own blog if you want to continue the conversation. Although you may only be talking to yourself.