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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Komen Teams Up with Idaho Planned Parenthood

Rip off that pink ribbon! And don't buy pink ribbon products that support the Susan G. Komen Foundation which has linked hands with another abortion provider, Planned Parenthood of Idaho. Komen has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the biggest abortionist in the country which makes them, as well, the biggest contributer to abortion-related breast cancer. Yes, Virginia, abortion causes breast cancer.

At the same time Komen increased their funding, PP was spending more on abortion and less on breast cancer screening programs. There are other mammography providers. Why does Komen continue to promote PP? Read more at LifeSiteNews and at previous posts on this blog. And just say no to Komen.

Catholics, be aware of bulletin board announcements in your parishes. A parishioner at St. Anthony's in Falls Church, VA sent this out today:

Please Pass this information to whom it may concern. St. Anthony publishes this organization on the Nurse’s Bulletin Board. Please make a responsible decision. This organization is not telling us the truth about Breast Cancer and Abortion and now they are partners with Planned Parenthood and the parish is helping them. Please Stop.

Is your parish/diocese supporting Susan G. Komen? If so, ask them to "PLEASE STOP!"

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