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Friday, June 11, 2010

Cancel Chris Matthews at the Franciscan Monastery!

Chris Matthews, MSNBC's Hardball guy, is an example of an oxy-moron, i.e., he is a pro-abortion Catholic. The fact that rejecting a fundamental doctrine of the Church makes him a heretic apparently doesn't bother him. He recently browbeat Bishop Thomas Tobin for daring to correct Congressman Patrick Kennedy over his position on abortion. And yet Matthews is the speaker at a Catholic event being held at the Franciscan monastery in Washington, D.C. in two weeks. Go here for more information and the video interview with Bishop Tobin illustrating Matthews' boorish and abusive interview style.

Please contact the monastery and the Catholic Network politely requesting that they cancel Matthews' appearance. He is nothing but a shill for the abortion industry and a scandal to the Catholic Church. He needs our prayers, not our patronizing.

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