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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Us

The month of June is dedicated by Holy Mother Church to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

It has also been dedicated by a so-called "messiah," Barack Obama. He dedicated the month to --- ta da --- LGBT pride. (Read about it here.) Ah yes, we should all be proud of our sinful sexual behavior and proclaim it from the housetops or from Folsom Street in San Francisco.

Are we surprised? The man who skipped town rather than honor our dead soldiers by attending the national event at Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day, the same one who ignored the National Day of quick to honor sodomy with an entire month. 

From the moment Obama took office he has dedicated himself to every perverted and evil initiative under the sun. There isn't an abortion method he doesn't embrace wholeheartedly or a perverted act of lust he couldn't champion. He is an admitted drug user as a young adult, and, if Larry Sinclair is to be believed, he was still using as a state senator in the late 90s.

The devil is shaking his fist at Jesus with this mockery, but what else is new? Jesus is big enough to handle it and offer his mercy to those who would repent and turn to Him. So offer your prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus this month for those enslaved by same-sex lust. For some, who will die this month and meet their Maker, it may be their last chance at mercy.

I'm going to say the Litany to the Sacred Heart often this month for homosexual activists and invite you to join me.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have mercy on us.

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  1. We're just a sad bunch - aren't we? We humans? How Jesus must weep. Thanks for the post. God bless.