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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Real life - it's about family!

Larry and I took off for a short camping trip about an hour north of home. Seems these days we're lucky to get two days in a row to do something besides defend the faith and keep ahead of the grass and garden. But I really do have a life away from the computer and it focuses on family. In fact, it's our family that makes us fight for the culture because, with nineteen grandchildren, Larry and I have a big stake in the future. We don't want our children to suffer like the children of Israel. And so I keep another blog about family and vacations and the ordinary times of babysitting and baking, reading children's stories, taking walks and teaching the little ones about how faith is the center of our lives.

And every now and then, Larry and I take off on our own. But even on vacation we can't get away from the mess we're in. There are just too many reminders. While we were in Martinsburg, WV we stopped in at St. Joseph's Catholic Church to make a visit. Ai yi yi! talk about a trip back to the 70s and 80s and a church that's as ugly as sin.  But the worst part was the way poor Jesus is being treated. Forgive us, Lord. Check it out for yourself.


  1. Can't let Jesus crimp the style in the "church". One can only imagine what the Mass would be like. It's best that you missed it.

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