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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Catholic Hospital with Abortionist on Staff

Dr. Richard Grossman doesn't kill babies at the Catholic hospital in the Diocese of Pueblo, CO where he's a staff physician. He reserves that atrocity for his private practice. But should he be affiliated with a Catholic hospital in view of his off-site child killing? Would the hospital hire Dr. Mengele as long as he did his wicked human experiments somewhere else?

The hospital says they risk a lawsuit for discrimination if they fire the doc. But aren't there some other things they could do -- like inform patients that he's an abortionist? We see more and more laws forcing crisis pregnancy centers to say they don't do abortions. How about offering full revelation about doctors who do? I sure wouldn't want Dr. Grossman anywhere near me for any procedure.

On the other hand, maybe that would just give the guy free advertising. No, he should be sent packing. Catholic hospitals should hire doctors who respect life. How else can they be confident that he will treat any patient's life as worth living? Besides, in some states abortionists are required to be on the staff of a hospital in order to perform their dirty deeds. If that's the case in Colorado, the hospital is enabling the killing.

The Diocese insists the hospital is in full compliance with Catholic teaching, but they are providing cover and an aura of respectibility to an abortionist, reputedly the only one within 200 miles. Imagine the impact if they insisted he stop doing abortions to remain on staff. It's a problem though because, let's face it, most OB/GYNs are killing babies with prescription birth control drugs, the morning after pill, and deadly devices. So Catholic hospitals need to begin working toward the model of Divine Mercy Care where all medicine offered is founded on respect for life. Just imagine the transformation of a community and the benefits to the health of women if doctors stopped killing their babies and polluting their bodies with dangerous chemicals and devices. (Well, I can dream can't I?) Drawing the line with Dr. Grossman is a first big step.

I agree with the pro-lifer who said, “In an age when the Catholic Church is sued on an almost daily basis, wouldn't it be refreshing if the church were sued for preventing child killing at its hospitals instead of for allowing children to be molested?”

Amen, brother.

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  1. The hospital compromises its principles...because it might get sued for discrimination? Real martyr-mentality here.