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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who is that Mystery Monk?

On my last post, fellow blogger, Robert, who writes at "All the Clever Names Are Taken" left an off-topic comment asking about the mystery saint at his parish who no one had been able to identify for sure. The picture of the statue is on the left. 

A detective game always intrigues me so I thought I'd bite. My immediate thought as I examined the statue was that it had to be a monk who founded monasteries or a saint who built churches. So I started checking those saints and looking at their images.

The statue and painting below are two different depictions of the same saint. He is, in fact, a monk and he did build a famous monastery. In fact, he built several so it's no wonder he's shown holding a model of one.

I posted my guess in the comment section of Robert's blog so if you want to see who I think the mystery saint is go there.


  1. Thanks for posting this. Your pick a different saint than the one I've decided on, but you might be right. I'll post my guess later.