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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sr. Carol Keehan: the "Million Dollar Sister"

Elias Crim had a great op-ed in the Washington Times last Sunday about Sr. Carol Keehan, head of the Catholic Health Association. Crim, a consultant for Capital Research Center calls Keehan the "million dollar sister" because her salary is close to seven digits for overseeing the $16 million association. As a "religious sister" rather than a "nun" who takes a vow of poverty, Sr. Keehan is not required to turn her salary over to her order.

Crim pointed out that Sr. Keehan, by giving CHA's endorsement to Obamacare, "contradicted the position of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, a group whose commitment to health care reform is decades old." The bishops, he pointed out, have responsibility for articulating the moral teaching of the Church and their conference opposed the bill because of its expansion of abortion. Several bishops have said Sr. Keehan is sowing the seeds of "disunity" and "confusion" which can hardly be debated when those who champion her are pro-abortion liberals. In effect, Sr. Keehan made herself one of the most effective lobbyists for Obama's massive government takeover of health care which includes billions for funding community health care centers that can offer unrestricted abortion. Some congressmen defended their votes by pointing to CHA's endorsement which effectively became the Catholic blessing. She had that much power as she shook her fist at the bishops.

Is it any wonder that pro-lifers picketed Sr. Keehan's commencement address at Gonzaga High School near Capitol Hill? The Jesuits at Gonzaga could have invited a true pro-life hero like retired Admiral Jeremiah Denton, POW survivor of the notorious "Hanoi Hilton," or Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, or Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center. There are any number of prominent Catholics in the Washington, D.C. area who stand with the Church. Instead they chose a woman who has become a champion of the pro-abortion liberal establishment. Sr. Keehan got a presidential pen for her betrayal and the accolades of the National Catholic Reporter, the moutpiece of those who hate orthodoxy and want to remake the Church in their cafeteria Catholic image. They endorse abortion, contraception, sodomy, same-sex and serial marriage, etc.

It really isn't surprising to see CHA defy the bishops; their leadership is committed to the liberal pro-abortion Democrat establishment. In December NEWSMAX followed the money trail of CHA members contributing to abortion supporters. Actions speak louder than words and financially supporting those who advance abortion is not pro-life. Money is the fuel that feeds the abortion movement. That's why Sr. Keehan's betrayal is so significant because the bill poors billions into the abortion/contraception machine.

Planned Parenthood is singing the bill's praises for advancing women's "reproductive rights," a euphemism for abortion. It also provides $75 million for sex ed, and  more millions for contraceptives (many of which are abortifacient). Following the signing of the bill, Planned Parenthood immediately began planning to open new facilities and expand existing ones. This is the result of the "million dollar sister's" betrayal. God help her.

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Note in the video below the apparent close relationship between these dissident sisters from NETWORK and Sr. Carol Keehan. Note also the pro-abortion Congressman saying "This puts us over the top!"

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