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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Newspeak in North Carolina: the "Healthy Youth Act"

We truly are living in Orwell's dystopian world these days where Big Brother uses language to lie. Here's just one of a legion of examples:

North Carolina's public schools are implementing what is euphemistically called the "Healthy Youth Act" to indoctrinate 12 and 13-year old students on the use of every immoral, disgusting, and child-killing birth control method under the sun. Of course the usual list of sex gurus support the Act including NARAL, Planned Parenthood (PP), and the state teachers union. (Do most teachers really support this?)

Will they, one wonders, teach the kids that chlamydia, one of the most pervasive STDs among teens, is passed by skin to skin contact. Condoms, spermicides, pills, shots, patches, diaphragms, vaginal rings, the morning after pill, etc. do not protect against it. No doubt they will tell the kids they need not talk to their parents but can visit their friendly school counselor or local PP office to get whatever they need including STD treatments and AIDS tests...oh, and abortions when their birth control method fails. All of these sex ed programs increase the level of sexual activity among kids. Duh! That's what it's all about. PP doesn't make a cent off of chastity. These kids are sex consumers.

The "Healthy Youth Act" is anything but healthy for kids. It's all about arousing (pun intended) their curiosity about all things sexy and pleasurable. That these gifts from God are good only in the context of a faithful marriage will never cross the lips of the panderers teaching the courses.

If I lived in North Carolina and still had at kids at home, my middle schoolers would be learning at the kitchen table or in a faithful Catholic school. (Unfortunately sex ed has also invaded many Catholic schools so parents need to be sure they are safe alternatives.)

Although parents are permitted to opt their kids out of this immoral program, kids do a good job of teaching each other, especially when the material is titillating. Opting out is unlikely to protect the innocent from corruption.

Orwell was a novice when it came to describing the language of the lie. Planned Parenthood has it down to a science. Reproductive "health" is all about encouraging behavior that causes disease and makes its victims unhealthy and even sterile. The legislation would be more accurately described as the "Corrupting Youth Act." That it is described as "healthy"  is a classic example of Orwell's "newspeak."


  1. "Woe to those who lead these little ones astray."

  2. There are simply not enough millstones to go around for all of those who are corrupting the innocent. Thank you for exposing this diabolical disorientation, Mary Ann. May God bless you and fortify you to continue the good fight.

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  4. Something's rotten in N. Car. I've had some opportunity to travel there and was deeply disillusioned. I was expecting a tradition-oriented citizenry and government.
    Isn't NC the state where the Gov. went nuts?
    I'm hoping, anyway, that this is a case of a bolsheviki cadre that's insinuated intself into power there and which will be soon discovered and expelled.