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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hyundai's Blasphemous Ad

I don't understand the rationale behind companies running ads to sell stuff that offends potential customers. Hyundai has an ad running during the world cup that shows a wedding in a Church in Argentina mimicking Catholic worship using Latin chants and a censor and a mock communion. I found it so completely bizarre that I'm still shaking my head. One thing is for sure, though. I would never buy a Hyundai after watching the ad. Would you? I just sent an email to Hyundai protesting this blasphemous ad. If you agree with me, go here and do the same.


  1. Thank you, Mary Ann, for exposing that awful ad. I have just sent an e-mail telling the compant I find it offensive. Keep fighting, and best wishes!

  2. As a Korean, I felt ashamed of this ad. I assume it was out of their ignorance in religion and culture. Hundai should stop this kind of offensive ad.

  3. Oh My Gosh! This is not only offensive but utterly ridiculous. Do they, even for a moment, think this will sell cars?!?! I have sent my objections to consumer affairs.

  4. Ads are getting more and more bizarre, not just this one. I remember hearing some talking head speculate that the whole Madison Avenue bunch were so high on coke that they thought these things were brilliant.

    Sorry Charlie (an older dumb tuna ad) but this doesn't float anyone's boat or sell anything but ill will.

  5. Mary Ann - -

    Thanks for sharing this shocking ad. How insulting this is to Our Lord who instituted the Holy Eucharist as the focal point of our Catholic faith. How God remains patient with a society that mocks Him like this, I find hard to understand.

  6. Hyundai didn't make this up for a commercial. It's for real! A bunch of Argentine soccer fans have established the church of idolatry of a soccer player.

  7. Hyundai pulled the ad thanks to Catholic bloggers passing the word around about it. Here's the message they are sending to consumers:

    Hello and thank you for your feedback regarding Hyundai advertising.

    Hyundai Motor America would like to thank you and other consumers for sharing concerns about a new ad titled "Wedding" which aired during the opening games of the FIFA World Cup broadcast last week. We take comments of this nature very seriously. Because of feedback like yours, we have removed the ad from all Hyundai communications and stopped airing it.

    We credit the passionate World Cup viewers and Hyundai owners for raising this issue to us. The unexpected response created by the ad, which combined both soccer and religious motifs to speak to the passion of international soccer fans, prompted us to take a more critical and informed look at the spot. Though unintentional, we now see it was insensitive. We appreciate your feedback and hope you will accept our sincere apologies.

    With appreciation,

    Hyundai Motor America