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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC) Manhandles Students

Let's see, two students ask a Congressman on a public sidewalk whether he supports Obama's agenda and the Democrat goes nuts. He begins manhandling the student with the mike, demanding he identify himself The young man could bring criminal charges of assault and battery against the congressman  if he chose. The Congressman subsequently apologized, but his behavior against two young men for the audicity of daring to ask him a simple question is shocking. Watch the video and then see how liberal bootlicker Chris Matthews addresses it in the second video.

As you watch Matthews in the video below note the loaded language about the students who "ambushed" the Congressman. Is he serious? And then note how he tries to excuse the Etheridge because the students didn't choose to identify themselves. If someone is grabbing and slapping you would you tell him where you live? This guy needs a straightjacket! As for Matthews, he's scheduled to speak at the Franciscan Monastery next week at an award ceremony of the Catholic Network of Volunteer Service. Let the friars know his presence on sacred ground is an abomination.

Democrats like Bob Etheridge and their liberal accomplices in the media seem to think they are above the law. All the congressman had to do if he objected to the students' question was walk on by with a wave and a smile. Instead, he acted like an official in a banana republic. If he had the power, is there any doubt he would have had these students dragged off to the local Gulag? Wake up America! This is our country ruled by Democrat demagogues. Can you imagine what the Democrats would be doing if a Republican treated a young student like that? But they are all mum at present. Are we surprised?

Take a look at Etheridge's opponent, Renee Ellmers. She's a conservative who is pro-life and wants smaller government and lower taxes. This is the year of the pro-life woman candidate. Visit Renee Ellmers' website and consider contributing to her campaign. Etheridge has to go. How can a man who can't handle a question from students on a public sidewalk be trusted to handle anything else?


Robert Simms said...

Hi Mary Ann,
This is off the subject, but can you identify The Mystery Saint?

Brantigny said...

Time for this fool to go.