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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Federal Government Blocks Efforts to Clean up the Gulf

President Obama has been pointing fingers everywhere about the Gulf oil spill, but the biggest obstruction to resolving the problem has been government. Many countries with expertise in addressing oil spills have offered to help and been turned down flat -- mainly because of the Jones Act, a piece of protectionist legislation to give union preference to American workers. The feds have refused to waive the Act and take the help although it's apparently been waived in the past.

Nobody expects the government to fix the problem in the Gulf. (Heck, they can't fix a leaky toilet without assigning a blue ribbon panel); we just want government bureaucrats to get out of the way. Take a look at some of the articles showing how government policies are blocking solutions. But Obama is sure making progress with his "kick a** statement, his new oil spill czar, and his shakedown of BP. This is what happens when you expect a community organizer to deal with real-world problems that need real solutions. Unfortunately, it's above his pay grade.

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