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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Facing the Giants of Fear in Your Life

Last night my husband and I watched the film, Facing the Giants. This overtly Christian movie was written, directed, and produced by members of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany Georgia. Giants was their second film. The third was Fireproof which showed in 800 theatres nationwide and spurred a New York Times bestselling book. Giants tells the story of an underdog high school football team and their coach who through trust in God, hard work, and dedication become winners both on and off the field. In a cameo appearance University of Georgia coach Mark Richt stresses the Christian message of the film - that it isn't worldly goals that make us winners, but commitment to Jesus Christ.

That this moving film was made through the movie ministry of a Christian church is amazing. Fireproof was the leading independent film of 2008 so this little group of believers are showing that David really can stand up to the Goliaths in Hollywood. This film reminds me of one of my favorites - Rudy, about a young man who is determined to make the Notre Dame football team despite his small stature. The same determination that, in real life, inspired Rudy Ruettiger is visible in this inspiring movie. I plan to buy it for my own little football player, a ten-year-old grandson. I only wish he had a coach like the fictional Grant Taylor.

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