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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Battle of Dearborn Continues: Christians Arraigned for Asking Questions in Dearborn

In Dearborn, if you are a Christian and dare to attempt to engage Muslims in conversation about faith, watch out. You can check out earlier posts on Sharia Law. Muslim organizations in this country want to substitute our law under the Constitution with the Muslim Sharia Law. Check out these posts which include a video of the 2010 festival where Christians were denied their first amendment rights. I've also posted below the video from last year's festival where Christians were physically assaulted by Muslim security guards. The second video is an interview about this year's event where Christians were arrested for engaging people in the festival in conversation. They did not distribute pamphlets, they simply asked questions, conversed, and taped what was happening. But they were arrested and the individuals share what happened. The last video is an update about the arraignment. You can keep track of this court case at the Acts 17 Apologetcs blog.

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Anonymous said...

Islam is the implacable enemy of the Catholic Church. Let's wake up!