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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who at the Vatican knew what when?

Tom Bethell has a terrific article in the June issue of The American Spectator which I posted on the Fr. Haley blog. It contains some shocking information about Vatican officials being bribed by the Legionairies of Christ and raises the question of how much Pope John Paul II knew about and enabled the sex abuse coverup. In view of the terrible episcopal appointments Pope John Paul made, the revelations are believable. I hope this slows down his fast track to canonization. Why the rush anyway? Pope John Paul II was a charismatic figure and he certainly suffered courageously, especially in the end, but a little historical perspective wouldn't hurt.

Let's see Pope Pius XII's cause move forward. That much maligned man stands as a floodlight in those dark days of the 20th century when all Europe was swallowed up by the black spider of the Third Reich.


Anonymous said...

Let us not forget Pope Leo XIII as well, Mary Ann.

He gave us some fantastic documents - not to mention the St. Michael prayer!

Catechist, Kevin

Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Mary Ann,

I am the proverbial horse's mouth and I am now gifting you with the Vatican's worst nightmare, now realized.

The Vatican is being set up for a much bigger fall than most are expecting. Some amazingly damaging information about pivotal religious assertions is about to become widely available and understood. This child abuse scandal is merely proof of their absolute lack of veracity, before the real controversy is unsealed. Here's an early peek at a late draft of my upcoming new book for parties like yourself, who are more likely to make good use of the information.

Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols

Peace and Wisdom,