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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Butterfly Circus

You will love this short film featuring Eduardo Verástegui and the man with no limbs Nick Vujicic. Compare the heroes of this short film with the anti-heroes of Twilight. Eduardo Verastegui and Nick Vujicic are men of God who witness to the wonder of life and service of others. If you haven't heard Eduardo's conversion story, it's amazing -- also his testimony of counseling outside abortion mills. Skip the soulless vampires and focus on the real deal! If you haven't seen Eduardo's film, Bella, it's one of the most powerful films I've ever seen about offering real hope to women in crisis. Butterfly Circus is filled with the message of hope and transformation. It's worth the 20 minute investment and what a film to share with children! I'm buying it for all my kids for Christmas (Shh...don't tell.)  Enjoy!


o said...

Beautiful. And my 6 year old son just came in from a wierd dream and got to watch the end and re-watch it from the beginning! He liked it!

My next two boys will see it in the morning!

Anonymous said...

I had not heard about this film yet. Made me think about how very blessed I am.

By the way, on a similar, triumphant "note"......Have you ever heard the great German baritone Thomas Quasthoff sing?
He has one of the most magnificent voices I have ever heard. I went to a concert of his at the Kennedy Center years ago, and the audience went wild. I wondered how many women in that audience would have kept their babies, if they knew that they would "physically" look like Thomas once they were born? Thomas's mother had used the morning sickness drug back in the late 50's when she was pregnant with Thomas...but they did not have sonograms in those days I guess, so she had no idea of the negative affect on her pregnancy. However when Thomas was born without arms or hands, but only "stubbs" for fingers, and he also had short legs, she let him live...and the rest is history. I went backstage after the concert to meet Thomas, and when he extended his "hand" to me, I shook it JOYOUSLY!!!!

Please try to look him up on Youtube...there is a lot to see...look at him singing Schubert with Daniel Barenboim at piano, for example....your heart will melt.

Thanks again for this moving film.