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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Planned Parenhood Is After Arizona's Common Sense Law to Protect Women

Remember when abortion was supposed to be a decision "between a woman and her doctor?" Well, Planned Parenthood has dropped the bar. They want abortion performed by non-physicians. So when Arizona passed a common sense law to protect women, PP went into attack mode to prevent it from going into effect.

The Arizona law requires that only doctors do abortions, calls for women to be given complete information 24 hours before the abortion, requires notarized parental consent for a minor's abortion, requires that the woman be given information on alternatives and the age of the baby in the womb before the procedure, and it also outlaws partial birth infanticide in accordance with the federal ban.

Any person without an agenda would see these elements as reasonable. As a breast cancer survivor I remember when women were demanding complete information about treatment options and demanded a two-part procedure between removing a suspicious lump and performing a mastectomy. Doesn't a woman considering an abortion deserve that same respect? Shouldn't she have complete information and know all her options before she makes that "choice?"

Many post aborted women share horror stories about being lied and manipulated into choosing abortion. Some tell of changing their mind and being forced to undergo the abortion anyway. And Planned Parenthood has been in the lead opposing any law to require safe surgical facilities, oversight (like any other freestanding health care providers), clean instruments, etc. Abortion is the most unregulated industry in America endangering women's lives as well as killing their babies.
Their opposition to the reasonable Arizona law is one more proof that all PP cares about is money. If you have a PP in your community check out Stopp Planned Parenthood and join the battle under the standard of the Lord of Life following our 12 star general, the Blessed Mother.

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