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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Caught between Barack and a hard place.

To see the story behind the billboard go here. I wonder how many other funny and clever Obama billboards are popping up around the country. Let's face it. The mainstream media loves to mock Republican presidents (even when they're democrat lite). Think of Gerald Ford being shown as a clumsy oaf, Ronald Reagan just a dumb B-level movie star, George W. as a doofus, and poor VP Dan Quayle who couldn't spell potato. But their guys... I heard the interview with a politician who was spouting off about Obama's high I.Q. When the interviewer pressed him about what it is, he, of course, didn't know. Wish I could remember the source. I just laughed.

Democrats really are so much fun to spoof. They take themselves so seriously and they don't mind lying. Every time Joe Biden opens his mouth he puts both feet in and then tries to get his hands in as well. Poor guy can hardly make a statement without showing his ignorance of history and even the people around him. Remember when he tried to get the man in a wheelchair to stand up and be recognized?

Liberals champion so many evil  things how can they be funny? How do you crack jokes about murdering babies? Although they say Ted Kennedy took great delight in making jokes about Chappaquiddick. Apparently he found his killing of Mary Jo Kopechne a real bellylaugh! Maybe you had to be there. Check it out here.

When Les Femmes got its start we had a mock funeral for radical feminism on the Capitol Steps. We "buried" a lot of relics of feminism. We also, in keeping with the funeral idea, read a last will and testament with items left to those who advanced the feminist agenda. Among them was a snorkel for Ted Kennedy. Imagine the feminists holding up as an icon a man who was a notorious womanizer. But they take themselves so seriously they never see the ridiculous in their own nutty positions. As long as they could count on him to support baby killing he could diddle as many young girls as he wanted. Crazy!

No matter how bad things get, never lose your sense of humor!

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Anonymous said...

Right on! It is known that people who lack a genuine sense of humor, are often found in mental institutions (or maybe Congress?). Thought you'd enjoy this article about a psychiatrist who outlines the emotional issues that drive liberals: