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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Remember how they lambasted Bush after Katrina?

Let's pray the cap over the deep sea oil well holds. But let's not forget the incompetence and lack of leadership from the White House. No one expected the president to fix it. But they did want him to get the federal government out of the way so cleanup could begin immediately and other countries could assist with their expertise. But this president can't make a decision. He is completely incompetent. The mainstream media has protected and covered for him, but his incompetence is more and more obvious.

Don't forget the beginning of this video. President Bush suspended the Jones Act two days after Katrina. Obama fiddled, played golf, and politicked. Remember this in 2012. This man can't lead. All he can do is campaign and enjoy the perks of office like having the first dog fly on his own personal jet for vacation.  In 2012 put a leader in office instead of a community organizer whose only experience is creating conflict. And vote liberal democrats out of office in 2010. We need solid conservatives -- not liberals or RINOs.

Oil Spill Timeline from RightChange on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

don't lose your focus, Les Femmes. this guy's gotta go for one reason and one reason only--he is the babykiller-in-chief. it is the only issue that matters. if you lose that focus the liberals will double talk you with their spins that will explain all this other stuff (I'd like to use another word) away

Alabama Kate said...

keep beating the drum Mary Ann. I was at Leesburg Corners yesterday and the place was swarming with Muslims!!! swarming with 'em. all the women had scarves! This isn't the Loudon County we moved to fifteen years ago but it is fast changing and it is the liberals and the Liberal-in-Chief who are making it happen. We won't be a Christian country much longer. Stop Obama now or we'll have the Koran being read in our schools where they used to read the bible.

Anonymous said...

look, i asked you before--what do you expect from a president who is one generation removed from the jungle. this guy is simply not competent. He obviously is way out of his depth; running the country is too much for him. running the greens at one of the courses he loves to golf on would be too much for him. cut the legs out from under him in November before he does any more damage and retire him in 2012.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree that the main issue is killing babies and favoring abortion should be a disqualifying issue. So should advocating the discrimination or persecution of jews, blacks, Christians, etc.

But there are other issues that are important too. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, the right to bear arms, protection against unreasonable search and seizure -- all the rights protected by the Constitution. That's why we need to elect solid conservatives who defend them.

Anonymous, your comment about the president being one generation removed from the jungle is uncalled for and uncharitable. Many poor people who live in the third world and actually live in the jungle have more common sense in their little fingers than "well-educated" ivy league graduates. Why? because they love God and family. Like Mother Teresa said of her beloved poor. They would share what little they had with their neighbors.

Anonymous said...

hmmm i've read your blog for months now and your newsletter for years before that and charity never has seemed a criteria before

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm curious what your definition of charity is. There are racial connotations to your comment and it was completely gratuitous and unnecessary to make your point. If I said your dad was one generation removed from Darwin's monkeys wouldn't you be offended? And if you were black, wouldn't you be especially offended at a term that is pretty close to the racial epithet "jungle bunny?"

As for your second comment implying my lack of charity, the hard truth is not necessarily uncharitable even when people don't like to hear it. Charity IS a criteria for me. If you can point out where I've been uncharitable, I'll try to correct it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les Femmes
As I said, I have read your newsletter for years and your blog since you have had it up, and it is your definition of charity that needs to be questioned. I am the last person who will confuse being “nice” with being charitable, but over the years you have consistently served up the truth with a rich sauce of venom. And I use truth cautiously because I have seen numerous instances over the years where you have quoted people out of context, reported half-truths, and sometimes distortions so far from the facts that truth is quite beside the point. You have consistently had a political –both in civil and ecclesial politics—agenda from the beginning and you have been ruthless in pursuing it. I know you from your days at St Louis and I know the damage you have done to people’s reputations in print and in speech. As for prejudice—well just look at some of your own comments about immigrants and Muslims. They may not be as obvious as “jungle bunny” but they are not far off the point. No, if you think charity has been a criterion for you, you need to switch spiritual directors. As you point out admonition is a spiritual work of mercy, consider yourself admonished.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Gosh if you knew me at St. Louis and saw all this evil, why did you never come to me and discuss it? I certainly wasn't hiding since I was the pro-life chairman for 7 or 8 years, taught at the school for a year, taught CCD, and was generally very active.

I'm baffled by your accusations of my telling half truths and outright falsehoods and destroying people's reputations. That's a pretty serious accusation. I never addressed the private actions of individuals, only their public scandals. But I'd like the opportunity to correct anything false if you can be specific.

However, it's pretty easy to take potshots from the dark, so if you want to get specific and discuss this in a public forum, I expect you to expose yourself. Then we'll be on the same plane and can argue (in the Socratic sense) as equals. Or you can send me a message on Facebook.

As for being prejudiced against immigrants and Muslims that's just silly. By God's grace I was able to save immigrant and Muslim babies when I was sidewalk counseling. (In fact, my husband and I attended the Muslim wedding of the older sister of a saved baby.) Being opposed to illegal immigration and the dangers of establishing Sharia Law in the U.S. is not prejudice.

I'll tell my spiritual director you think I need a new one because, in your opinion, he's not up to the job.