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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bishop Dolan Cheers Gay Groups at Jesuit Parish Rededication

Another bishop committing another serious scandal. And they are circling the wagons as usual.

Here's the video put together by the parish that is available at the St. Francis Xavier website. The church is beautiful. It sounds like they minister to the local community. But remember Jesus words: "If you love me, you will keep my commandments." Sodomy is a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance. To tickle the ears of the people and make them believe their ministy to the homeless will save them from condemnation for their mortally sinful lifestyle is a lie. A visit to the parish website is instructive. Note the prominent place given to the gay and lesbian groups that meet to talk about spirituality. What kind of spirituality one wonders, since the starting place isn't repenting of sin, but maintaining sinful relationships. God have mercy on the pastor of the parish where the beauty is only a veneer over corruption and he preaches a false love that is likely to lead many to hell.


Anonymous said...

Well can you see the damage the “novus ordo” has done!!! It begins with women in the sanctuary. Then it moves to “communion” in the hand. And it ends up with a Cardinal applauding sodomy!!!! This is why the Traditional Mass of the Ages must be restored. It is clear that this “novus ordo” is incapable of conferring grace. It cannot possibly be a legitimate mass in the sight of God when it bears the fruit of sodomy and damnation. A “bishop” in shirt sleeves smearing oil all over a wooden table –calling it an “altar” is too much. I went to the beautiful Traditional rite Bishop Slattery celebrated at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. He wasn’t in shirt sleeves. He came in worthy of the successor of the apostles—with a majestic train of scarlet silk. There were no women in the sanctuary. People knelt for holy communion as they should. No one dared to touch the sacred host. And there wasn’t a homosexual to be seen!!! Nor a prochoice lesbian nun in jeans!!! I tell you, we must an end to these clown masses and rainbow masses and gospel masses and mariachi masses and guitar masses and return to the true worship of God like Jesus taught his apostles at the last supper!!! Keep up the good work Les Femmes, you are a voice crying in the wilderness, but your message is “prepare the way of the Lord.”

patrick thomas said...

Someone needs to report Dolan to Rome before the Holy Father makes him a Cardinal—and report Egan so that they can strip him of his red hat!!! A shame and a disgrace

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree with you, Anonymous, that the Tridentine Mass more fully expresses the sacrifice of Calvary. However, you can't be holier than the Church. The novus ordo is a legitimate Mass and the things you mention, like clown Masses, etc. are abuses.

My parish offers the novus ordo in a respectful manner with some parts offered in Latin. At another local parish it is offered ad orientam as it was meant to be.

I know of one parish in D.C. with a reputation for homosexual participants who love the pomp and circumstance of the Tridentine Mass. Anything can be perverted. Although, I agree, it would be hard to have a Tridentine polka Mass.

Robert Simms said...

When I first saw the video on Real Catholic TV I had a different thought on the Bishop's reaction. Listening to the man speaking, I heard him speak of helping gays and lesbians return to the faith of their childhood. I may be absolutely wrong, but I was giving the Bishop the benefit of the doubt and assumed he was happy about the fact that these folks might be returning to the true faith.
I don't know that the Bishop was cheering the "gay lifestyle". Of course, I do not know the Bishop and I could be totally wrong.
Even so, this does not excuse the parish and their priests.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don’t mean to disagree with you, but Jesus told us “by their fruits shall ye know them” and I think we have to look at the fruits of the novus ordo to see that God is not happy with it. There are no vocations—or what vocations the novus ordo draws are all homosexuals. Since this “new mass” was introduced we have had all this sexual abuse by the very men entrusted to celebrate it. Children no longer know their faith and adults no longer believe Christ is Present in the Tabernacle. People come to mass dressed any which way at all and they bow rather than genuflect. Churches are closing and these magnificent shrines our parents and grandparents built are sitting empty—or worse—have been sold to Protestants or Muslims and turned to heretical or idolatrous usage. Those who follow the Traditional Mass of the Ages, on the other hand, groups such as the Institute of Christ the Sovereign Priest, have plenty of vocations, nuns in habits, children devoutly making their first communion and they are opening churches across the country and indeed around the world. The families who go to the traditional mass have lots of children and are being blessed with great material prosperity. I am not saying that the “novus ordo” isn’t valid since the Pope uses it, at least in public, but the lack of graces being bestowed through it is a clear indication that God isn’t pleased with it. I am sure our Holy Father is desperately trying to figure out how to right the wrong of the Ordinary Form—the very ordinary form, the too ordinary form, I might add. That is why he has given every priest permission to celebrate the Traditional Rite and why he wants every parish to have that mass celebrated weekly. He knows that when Catholics see the Traditional Rite, they will desert Benelli’s Protestant Communion Service and the “extraordinary form” will become the “ordinary form” everywhere except may be in lunatic asylums. As for the “novus ordo” being celebrated “reverently”—I am sorry Mrs,. Kreitzer, but that doesn’t redeen it. I have seen the Episcopalian service celebrated “reverently” with clouds of incense and gorgeous vestments, and choirs that would rival the angels—but at the end of the day all they are left with are crackers and grape juice. All the gilding counts for naught if it isn’t a lily underneath.

Grandpa Bob said...

I grew up sixty years ago in St Francis Xavier Parish in New York and remember it when the Jesuits were loyal to the Church and people were good hardworking Irish and Italian families. But did you see that congregation now? What a bunch of mutts! They're dressed for a ball game or a picnic. This is a total disgrace. Sodomites and slobs and aging hippies -- it is a disgrace. They wasted their money "restoring" that church. They should have restored the faith, not the building.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree with you completely, Grandpa Bob. You are spot on.

Anonymous, I agree with much of what you say. The Mass abuses MUST STOP. The abuse of using "extraordinary" ministers of the Eucharist MUST STOP. I recently saw a bulletin in the back of a small church in West VA that listed TWELVE EMs for the main Mass. And it was a small parish! So, yes, there are many abuses. We have many bad priests and many bad bishops.

On the other hand, I think you overstate the case for the Tridentine Mass. If the Tridentine Mass was a preventative, there would be no sex abuse cases before the Novus Ordo was introduced. But sex abuse was happening in the 1950s about 10 years before Vatican II and about 15 years before the Novus Ordo came into use. Those cases, at least, can't be related to the Mass.

As for vocations, my diocese under Bishop Welsh and Bishop Keating had one of the highest rates of vocations in the country. Under vocations director, Fr. James Gould, we often had ordinations in the double digits. Sadly, Bishop Loverde has had a major negative impact on vocations.

I wish I thought you were right about the Tridentine making the Novus Ordo rare, but the parishes in my diocese where it is offered weekly are not seeing that. While the Tridentine Masses are well-attended, they are not pulling the majority from the Novus Ordo.

As for large families, we have many in my parish although it does not offer the Tridentine Mass. We have a good solid pastor and associate who offer very reverent Masses. Recently, a visitor commented (not in a positive way) that he felt like he was back in the 50s. Thank God!

And I know many Catholics who have never attended the Tridentine Mass who are solidly pro-life and work hard in apostolic labors for the Lord. Holiness is not limited to those committed to the Tridentine Mass.

I think ascribing all the ills in the Church to the Novus Ordo and seeing the Tridentine Mass as a cure-all is an oversimplified picture. Personal holiness is key and people can grow in holiness in both liturgical forms.

Comparing the Novus Ordo to the Episcopalian Mass is misleading. In the first case, Jesus is present on the altar, and, in the second, he is not. So bringing that into the discussion is irrelevant.

I hope, despite our different views, you still think we are doing good work!

Angie said...

Did anyone...ANYONE save the St. Francis Xavier parish dedication video proof of Cardinal Dolan's blatant acceptance utter discontent for the Holy world of God? The video disappeared several years ago...I was hoping someone had embedded it.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

If I find it I will repost, but it seems they have covered their tracks well.