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Friday, July 30, 2010

Dining on Whine and Chicken Fingers-Pointing

St. John's Valdosta blog has a great article titled The Days of Whining and Neurosis about bishops who like to dine on whine and chicken fingers (my take). They cooperate in evil by enabling groups that support abortion and homosexuality but waggle their fingers at the laity who dare to expose their scandals. Oh...those evil Catholic blogs -- not faux Catholic groups like Call to Action, Catholics, United, and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good... or the immoral groups they fund through the Cathlic Campaign for Human Development. No, it's those evil bloggers who spew their "judgmentalism."

Since our intellect is called the "seat of judgment" one wonders exactly what bishops mean when they criticize those who use their judgment to expose public scandals that hurt the Church. I'm afraid their criticism is actually aimed at anyone who criticizes a bishop regardless of what he does. The Catholic laity in Elizabeth I's England, by the yardstick of some bishops today, should have gone along with all the apostate bishops rather than be "judgmental" about their apostasy. 

Ah, but there is another bishop who called the laity to take back the Church: Bishop Fulton Sheen. Holy Jesuit Fr. John Hardon also told the laity to defend the faith, even against bad bishops. But they were only following those who came before them like the Angelic Doctor, Thomas Aquinas, who said prelates should be chastised, even in public, for public scandals. So let faithful laity continue to address the disgraceful behavior of clerics (like Jesuit school presidents who let the Vagina Monologues play on campus or feature "queer film fests"). It is an act of virtue to admonish the sinner and if the sin is public, admonishing in public is appropriate.

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