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Friday, July 30, 2010

Let's hear it for laity on the Internet! Hurrah for Catholic bloggers!

Some of the bishops may consider lay bloggers on the Internet pesky and judgmental but Mike Voris points out how we and solid, orthodox websites are renewing the face of the Church. The insanity of the 60s and 70s is on the wane while the truths of the faith are ascending thanks to truth tellers with keyboards.

This is something to celebrate. So remember Hillaire Belloc's poem that "wherever the Catholic sun doth shine, there is music, and laughter, and good red wine." At the end of an Ignatian retreat there's always a toast to St. Ignatius. Let's spread the tradition and toast all those who walk in the footsteps of the man who founded what used to be the pope's shock troops. The new legions are among the laity. So choose your vintage and lift your glass in celebration of orthodox Catholics writing on the internet. Make mine a merlot.


Old Bob said...

Hurrah for Catholic bloggers, and Hurrah for Mary Ann! Thank you!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Don't forget to cheer Al Gore for inventing the internet!

patrick thomas said...

Thank you Mary Ann for posting the Michael Voris pod flashes. He is absolutely right. It is up to us laity to protect the faith today against those crazies—including some bishops (too many bishops)—who are leading the flock astray. We need to remember that when the majority of bishops, and even Pope Liberius, fell into Arianism it was the laity that rallied around St. Athanasius to preserve the true faith in the Divinity of Jesus. Today it is laity like Les Femmes who are the bastion of orthodoxy. When those unworthy shepherds who have been entrusted with the Magisterium fail to defend it, it will be the consensus fidelium who preserve it in the Truth. Keep up the great work Les Femmes and Michael Voris!

Anonymous said...

Some years back there was an attempt—led by a layman from your diocese and a friend of your bishop, Les Femmes—to make Catholic internet sites have a “seal of approval” from the USCCB to demonstrate that they were “authentic” Catholic sites. It was a close call but fortunately this attempt failed or neither you nor Michael Voris would be able to keep feeding the faithful the truth and we would be at the mercy of the liberal mind-control freaks who claim to represent the Church.

A Catholic Wife said...

To protecting the faith! Cheers!

A Catholic Wife said...

Oh, and cheers to Al Gore for inventing the internet. ROFL!

Anonymous said...

For ten years I have been saying that the death of dissent will be because of the internet.

Good grief, as a revert/convert for 12 years now, I instictively *knew* something was wrong when I was getting goofy, watered down, or downright heretical answers to my questions about the faith.

So, what did I do? I went to places licke Karl Keating's Catholic Answers, EWTN, Catholics United for the Faith, etc. etc.

Now, outstanding blogs like Les Femmes, Fr. Z's What Does the Prayer Really Say?, Rich L's 10 Reasons, etc. etc., continue to help the Joe Catholics in the pews.

Thank God for them! Mr. Vorris is right - however, make no mistake, the "Old Guard" dissenters are still in control of religious education programs (and its materials), RCIA formation, and sad-to-say, many-many seminaries (getting better though, admittedly).

This will be a long and hard battle with dissenters - but the Truth will win out.

"The New Evangelization will come through the laity." Pope John Paul II