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Monday, July 19, 2010

Extreme Cases Make Bad Law

An English stroke victim, Tony Nicklinson, is fighting for the right to have his wife kill him with a lethal injection. He says he has no quality of life and wants to be dead, but as a stroke victim in "locked in" state, he cannot do anything for himself. He cannot kill himself or even participate in his own suicide. He needs to be directly killed. He is challenging the law to make it possible, seeking the assurance that his wife will not be charged with murder. The irony of the news story below is its ending, where the reporter talks about death releasing Tony from a "living hell." But what if the "release" results in his plunging into eternal hell, the unquenchable fire?  Is it worth trading 20 years of suffering for an eternity's worth?


We do not belong to ourselves; we belong to God. Suffering has value. My own brother (55) who suffered a debilitating stroke last summer and has also contracted a seriously debilitating condition called recurring transverse mylitis also has limited quality of life. But rather than focusing on his own suffering, John has been offering his suffering for others and praying and keeping his sense of humor. Granted, his condition is less severe, but terrible nonetheless.

The worst scenario will be the result if the Nicklinsons are successful in changing the law. Every handicapped individual will be at the mercy of caregivers who may believe they are better off dead. Legalizing the murder of Tony Nicklinson would endanger millions of sick and suffering people. Look at the euthanasia laws in the Netherlands where people are being offed without their consent. Will England be next?

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o said...

The spouse wants to kill her husband. Like an old Phil Donohue show "When spouses love too much", and similarly, by the end of the show we see the Truth: they are really not loving enough.

Euthanasia - viable human killing -is not hiding behind the doctors in this case, and that is a change.

Abortions are committed by the parents - they hide behind the doctor.

The next "plan B" will show this more clearly - the abortionists are in the home.

But at least the parents live to hopefully someday regret their murder and may be saved by Jesus' mercy.

This guy will only upgrade from hell on earth to Hell Eternal, with but the briefest of pauses.