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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Black Racists Attack the Tea Party Patriots

The Tea Party Movement must really scare the liberals because they sure are trying hard to paint them (and I consider myself one) as racists with white hoods stashed in their closets and nooses, crosses, and torches in their garages. Their crime? Criticizing our black president and his liberal politics and trying to take the country back from big spenders who want to keep every American, black or white, down on the plantation as wage slaves serving the Federal Government and the governing class.

How many people are gullible enough to believe the nonsense tarring every tea party activist as a racist in a white hood? Probably plenty. If you repeat a lie often enough even if you have no proof, many people will swallow your poison. Goebblels knew that and was a master at propaganda.

I've been to several tea party events and didn't see a single racist poster. I did see one with Obama as a witch doctor, but I didn't consider that any more racist than George H. Bush accusing Reagan of "voodoo economics."

I saw a lot of anti-tax posters - very clever posters, in fact, including a child with one showing a piggy bank being hammered by the feds. I didn't see any mass produced posters so common at all the Obama rallies where union members (paid to attend?) filled events. There were even three dimensional signs and street theatre type protests. One man carried a model of the Capitol overrun with very real looking rats with the faces of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, etc. A couple was pushing a wheelchair holding a skeleton with a sign saying, "I'm still waiting for my operation."

I did see the poster of Obama as the Joker. But, hey, that was just a remake of the George Bush joker poster. Racist? I don't think so. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. How come it's only mean when conservatives do it?

Want to see some real racism? Here are a few examples:

Note in this video the discussion of the second amendment and "arming" themselves against the "enemy" which is the tea party. The implication of violence is clear.

The accusaton of the NAACP recently about the "racist" tea party participants is the typical race-baiting of an organization that has walked in lockstep with the liberal democrats. They deserve to be challenged to prove their allegations. Where are the photos and videos of racist actions? Of individuals hurling the N word and carrying posters that say "lynch Obama." If they had proof it would be all over the mainstream media. They don't have it. They lie to advance their own agenda. No doubt their are racists among the tea party supporters. But it certainly is not endemic to the movement. For crying you loud there are plenty of blacks among the speakers.

As for racism, it cuts both ways. And the evidence of black racism including the president's own behavior (Remember his attack on a white police officer? He was white so he was presumed guilty.) is not insignificant.

NAACP's latest attack on Tea Party prompts response

The head of the Black Panther's in Philadelphia shows his "tolerance" discussing "white crackers". in the video below. These are the folks attacking the "tea party racists." If it weren't so pathetic it would be laughable.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I hate to break the news to King Whatshisname, but the Messiah Most Miserable is (gasp!) "half-cracker" via his white mother. Such a quandry!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, more right-wing crackpots.