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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hollywood Light Crew Working for Jimmy Kimmel Uses High Intensity Spotlights to Burn Teen

On June 25th officers from the LAPD ignored the assault by a light crew working for comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who turned high intensity spotlights on a young protestor. Ryan Bueler, a member of the survivors (those born after Roe v. Wade), was participating in the annual Survivors' Boot Camp which was carrying out a Face the Truth type demonstration on a busy street near Kimmel's studio. Kimmel's crew set up to film a stunt taking place later, but apparently got upset with the young demonstrator who refused to move and turned the lights on him from a distance of several feet. The heat from the spotlight partially melted his sign and a plastic bracelet he was wearing. When an adult participant, Jeff White, attempted to turn the lights away from the teenager, he was attacked and his shirt ripped. LAPD responding to the event arrested White but refused to take any action against the camera crew or the man who ripped White's clothing. After police viewed the video they dropped charges against White but still refused to bring any against the cameral crew.

Well, what else is new? I've seen videos showing the LAPD using nunchucks against peaceful rescuers, even breaking their bones. Christians protesting abortion are fair game these days for the modern day Roman tyrants and their legions.

For more information on this disgraceful event go here. To see past actions by the LAPD against peaceful pro-life rescuers view the video below. These days assaults against pro-life citizens is politically correct and police often ignore it. Instead they arrest pro-lifers for exercising their free speech rights or defending themselves against assault.

If Obama has his way, free speech will be eliminated for those who oppose his agenda including the murder of the innocent and the abomination of same sex perversions. He's been after free speech since his pre-election days. And there's plenty more to come if he gets his way including federal takeover of the internet. After all, he's got the mainstream media in his pocket and the only thing that prevents him from having total control is conservative radio, FOX, and the alternative media.

Police Use Nunchucks On Pro-Lifers
This video shows the police using nunchucks on peaceful pro-life demonstrators. Before I saw this video I did not know that nunchucks were illegal in some states. That did not keep the cops from using them to break a guys arm though.

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Anonymous said...

Last night 4 people (2 minors, 2 adults) with the Survivors went to the Jimmy Kimmel show and demanded, while the show was taping, that he not allow his crew to try and hamper freedom of speech. They were, of course, escorted out by the police. The show’s producers threatened to press charges unless they stopped dogging Jimmy Kimmel (they’ve protested in front of his house and studio). The Survivors responded by saying that if they prosecuted they would be at his home en masse in the morning. The producer’s responded by letting them go and promising not to use that lighting company again for their outside tapings like the one taking place the other day. I think they also might have responded this way since there were more than 100 outside the studio where they have their musical guests play chanting “Let our people go” making it really impossible for the show outside to go on. So, during the camp period they had 5 confirmed babies and mothers saved and caused a big pain to a lighting company which tried to burn a teenager with an 18,000 watt light because they didn’t like the message.

Thanks for chiming in on this on the various blogs.