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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Big Lie About Abortion

It's getting harder to hide all the lies about abortion being safe and easy. According to Patricia Coleman writing at The Unchoice website, "Over 30 studies have been published in just the last five years and they add to a body of literature comprised of hundreds of studies published in major medicine and psychology journals throughout the world."  Coleman provides a list of the articles and urges the "conscientious reader" to examine them. Check it out here.  Pro-aborts are like the three monkeys except for one difference. Many of them know the truth but they want to hide it from others. So they stop up people's ears with their lies and direct their eyes away from the truth. But more and more women know they've experienced the big lie and are speaking out. Which is why the pro-abortion movement is doomed. It will implode from its own weight of lies and deceit.


Michele said...

I know that isn't about the post but could you let me know if there are any parishes in the DC area (MD,VA or DC) that are having the vigil for nascent life. I am collecting a list at my blog and am having trouble finding sites in these areas. I have called the Diocesan offices - no luck. If not could you direct me to someone else who might have this information. my email

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

If the dioceses can't provide this, Michele, I'm not sure who else could. I haven't heard about anything in Virginia, but that doesn't mean some parishes aren't doing it.