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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Missile Launch Near Los Angeles

What was it? And who did it? Nobody is taking credit at present, but a former U.S. ambassador interviewed by CBS News says it could have been an intercontinental ballistic missile shot from a sub to show U.S. muscle while the president is in Asia. In view of the silence from military who claim no knowledge that would be just plain bizarre.

Whatever it was and whoever set it off, how would you feel if it had been headed INTO the U.S. instead of out to sea.

Homeland Security claims there's nothing to fear. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Don't believe for a moment that the Pentagon doesn't know what happened here, as a Navy Captain told Fox News. The Pentagon is trying to figger out how to explain it. Also, if you look at that video close you will see a helicopter in the area, I was told. The REAL danger is Obama's influence over the Pentagon as many flag officers are going to be nominated by him as well as the new Secretary of Defense.

Just between you and me, Obama is not going to go quietly in the night in 2012 if, with the help of God, he's obliterated in the election. He's of the devil. Of that, there can be no doubt! We must remain vigilant, and we must have God fearing Generals and Admirals who will understand what to do if Obama refuses to accept the results of what is going to be a massive repudiation on a scale unheard of. I can see SCOTUS having to take the bull by the horns here and order the military to remove him. In my mind, he's that bad!

Gary Morella

Anonymous said...

I think that they're a bunch of dangerous clowns in charge.