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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rainbow Sash Movement Comments on Dolan Election

I found the statement below from the Rainbow sashers a little amusing. Note how they elevate their own importance. It wasn't primarily the activism of orthodox Catholics and the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer and sacrifice that defeated Bishop Kicanas. No, it was their activity that resulted in a "knee jerk" reaction. Well, whatever!

Faithful Catholics see things differently. We have been organizing, using new media and social networking, and forming coalitions to finally have a voice. Unfaithful bishops, i.e., wolves in sheep's clothing, can no longer commit scandals in private. The faithful are shining a light under the rock and the creepy crawlies are on the run. Homosexual activists strategize and get money from the rich and powerful but Satan, the coach in their corner, can never compete with the Holy Spirit. Pray and fast for a major spiritual reform in America. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us. Our Lady of America, pray for us.

And now, here's the Rainbow Sash's delusional statement.

The US Council of Catholic Bishops has decided to elect Archbishop Dolan of New York as the new President of the US Catholic Bishops. This was an obvious political knee jerk response to the support of the Rainbow Sash Movement for Bishop Kansas, and the outrage expressed by the fundamentalist wing of Church. The Conference broke with tradition The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has taken a hard to the right towards not only the Republican Party, but also the Tea Party with election of Archbishop Dolan.

Archbishop Dolan is known for being a moderate conservative. The vote was very close and with this vote the Bishops opted to turn their back on tradition by failing to elevate the vice president to the president’s post for the first time. Bishop Kansas received 111 votes , and Archbishop Dolan 128 which is seen by some as cementing the conservative Bishops control the Conference. The bishops passed over their former vice president, Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson, a prelate who represents the more liberal “social justice” tradition of the American church and is known as an advocate of dialogue, and because of the endorsement of the Rainbow Sash Movement.

Dolan has been appointed by the Pope to help conduct an investigation of the church in Ireland, which has been devastated by the sexual abuse scandal.

Dolan is willing to put his affable and outgoing demeanor in service of a more assertively confrontational approach in the public arena which will please the media, but most probably will not resonate among an ever increasing reasonable laity.

“It is a humbling moment,” Archbishop Dolan said in a quick post-election appearance on the church channel Telecare, which is run by the Diocese of Rockville Centre on Long Island and is broadcasting the bishops meeting from Baltimore. “I’ve got to be honest, it was unexpected. Perhaps the Archbishop should be thanking the Rainbow Sash Movement.

The bishops also signaled that their conference will move in a decidedly conservative direction in their choice of a vice president. They elected Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, who is chairman of the bishops committee on marriage and an outspoken opponent of same-sex marriage. The runner-up for vice president was Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver, also a strong theological and political conservative.

Jeff Alexander Rainbow Sash Movement


Obie 1 said...

I wouldn't be so elated in the Dolan election. Remember the recent dedication of St. Francis Xavier Church in NY.

I couldn't remember the exact name of the church in NY, so I googled "rededication of a homosexual church in ny." and PRESTO......

Beware of Archbp. Dolan. He pronounces words that "tickle the ears" as do most who come from NY.

In prayer,

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm not elated at all. You need to scroll down two posts and see the one I put up about Dolan linking to two posts I did last summer about the situation at St. Francis. There is also an interview with the Bishops a year after he came to NY where he praises every pro-abortion politician he knows. I totally agree with your statement about tickling ears. He seems to me to be a jolly man who wants everyone to like him. As he says in the interview with Roma Torre, he would rather be thought of as an Irish Setter than a bulldog. I don't think he's in any danger of being considered a bulldog for the faith, more's the pity. I'm going to pray my rosary and offer it for him.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Forgot to give the link to the interview:

Matt C. Abbott said...

"Bishop Kansas"? Who's that?

You'd think RSM would proofread its statements...

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

They're living in Oz. Someone needs to tell them they're not in "Kansas" any more. And there's no "Kansas" country to go back to -- unless, of course, they all want to move to Tucson.