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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Revolution Wanes and Madam DeFarge is out!

 Well, Madam Defarge, that tireless worker for the French revolution, who appeared to be reincarnated in Nancy Pelosi, is out! Like the bloodthirsty madam who knitted while the guillotine did its bloody work against the Church and the culture in France, Nancy Pelosi pushed through an agenda that advanced the murder of the weak and helpless and tore at the fibers of American culture. She thought she was queen, and in a way she was. I could always envision her as the Queen of Hearts from Alice and Wonderland screaming "Off with their heads!" Off with the heads of unborn babies. Off with the heads of those who value the Constitution. Off with the heads of faithful Catholics who disagreed with her moral relativism justified by her badly-formed conscience. Off with the heads of middle American taxpayers and small business owners.

Nancy was living in a dream world these past few weeks claiming the Democrats would somehow hold the house which they lost decisively earning 19 more seats than necessary. States like my own, Virginia, that turned blue in 2008 took another turn back (remember the 2009 governor's race? to embrace the heartwarming red.

Now let's hope that the Republican freshmen who rode in on a tsunami of true conservatism don't agree to sacrifice their principles for the false unity that socialists always spout when they are out of power. The Senate elite will do all they can to hold the gains of the past two years which represented loss to the American people. Let us hope that conservatives can push back and hold their ground.

President Obama has already made it clear he has no intention of changing directions. He came to create a socialist America where the weak and helpless are sacrificed for the elite while claiming to represent the little guy. Many Americans in this election woke up to the reality. Socialists, like the pagan Romans, offer bread and circuses to keep control of the masses. It has nothing to do with generosity or charity. It has everything to do with control.

And here are some interesting articles on yesterday's election:

All about Nancy from her home town paper:
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Part of the Message from Voters is, Stand for life!
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No more government funding to kill babies!
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Anti-Washington sentiment growing!
Washington the Biggest Loser as Wave Sweeps Through Congress

No false unity! Remember the incivility and bullying of the past two years under Democratic tyranny!
Take Your Olive Branch and Shove It, Democrats


Old Bob said...

I looked up "Take Your Olive Branch" by Michelle Malkin - very interesting post with 18 footnotes; I read all eighteen.

One of her big points: "The grass-roots conservative midterm message: No surrender, no compromise, no capitulation." I love it.

Anonymous said...

MA, did you notice that MOST of the pro-life picks from the NRL website...won?! Another thing for which to be grateful.

Anonymous said...

Rush was playing "Ding-dong the witch is dead" on his program yesterday, Mary Ann! LOL!


Catechist Kevin

Anonymous said...

Good bye and good riddance, Nancy.

Ray Schneider said...

Don't count your chickens until they are defeathered and in the stew. There is a strange disease in the Washington area that converts perfectly good Conservatives into lackeys of the Democratic Party-lite.

So keep after them ... we need people of principle and there don't seem to be too many of them among those willing to run for public office.

Brantigny said...

I would say perverts...