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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gay Activists Support Kicanas for USCCB Head

Well, if anyone wanted confirmation that Bishop Kicanas is a bad choice for USCCB head they only have to look as far as the Rainbow Sash web page. You remember those folks. They're the ones who wear the rainbow sash to Mass to show their support for sodomy and gay marriage while demanding to receive Communion. Since homosexual activity is mortally sinful and those who wear the sash are publicly advocating mortal sin, receiving Communion while committing that scandal is a mortal sin of sacrilege. And a few bishops like Archbishop John Nienstedt have acted accordingly and refused them Communion.

The endorsement of the Rainbow Sash homosexuals should be the death knell for Bishop Kicanas' candidacy, but with so many homosexualist bishops in the U.S. perhaps it will enhance his chances. They certainly must think so.

Here's the rainbow sash statement:

It is appropriate for the only LGBT Catholic Organization in the United States active within the parishes of the Church, and visible about that activity to add its voice to the Bishops election process for its next President. We understand Bishop Kicanas understands that Bishops are privately changing their position because input is bubbling up from the pews of our parishes in support of such issues as Gay Marriage, and Pro Choice.

The not to distant past situation at Notre Dame was an attempt on the part of some fundamentalist Bishops to make a hard turn to the right in general, and the Tea Party in particular. The end goal was to turn Catholic support away from President Obama. Bishop Kicanas voice during this difficult situation called for moderation, and listening.

The fundamentalist Bishops have also turned their sights on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. The program has donated $290 million to groups combating poverty during the last four decades, according to Rainbow Sash Movement News. But the program has also attracted fierce church critics who are suspicious of anything that sniffs of socialism. These fundamentalist Bishops have gone as far as to form “Reform the CCHD Now” whose primary goal is dismantling the organization, rather than reforming it. At least 10 fundamentalist bishops have stopped CCHD collections in their diocese so much for the needs of the poor.

Joe Murray the Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement said “that while we have difficulties with Bishop Kicanas present position on Gay Marriage we are hopeful his position will evolve. We believe that Bishop Kicanas follows in the footsteps of the late Cardinal Joseph Bernadine, and will lead the USCCB to a position of common ground on issues that are deeply dividing the US Catholic Church. The impending election of Bishop Kicanas I believe is an attempt on the part of a majority of the Bishops to unravel a strangle hold that fundamentalism have on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops." Murray further stated, "Fundamentalist Bishops are trying to tag Bishop Kicanas as being very vulnerable in the area of clergy sexual abuse. I believe that to be a red herring. It may play to the fundamentalist such as Archbishop Chaput and Archbishop Dolan, it does not play well among more moderate and reasonable Catholics, and most of their Bishops. Following this logic could not the same claim be made of Cardinal Francis George current President of USCCB.
The Rainbow Sash Movement believes it is critical that Bishop Kicanas be elected to the Presidency of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to set the tone, and be a reasonable public voice and face for the country’s Catholic bishops. It is time to start rebuilding the Church.
Bill O’Connor Rainbow Sash Movement



Anonymous said...

What a surprise! The people in Tucson certainly aren't.

Anonymous said...

Their support was for naught, Mary Ann.

Catechist Kev