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Thursday, November 11, 2010

It Shoulda Happened on Halloween; not St. Nicholas Day

Serial killer, Leroy Carhart, is coming to the D.C. metropolitan area to open a late-term abortion mill in Maryland December 6th. He's leaving Nebraska because of their new law banning abortion after 20 weeks because of pain inflicted on the baby.

Poor St. Nicholas! What a way to celebrate his feast day! The holy bishop ransomed slaves, the property of their slaveholder masters; Carhart will murder and dismember the new slave babies, property of their mothers.

Let's seek St. Nicholas' intercession to ransom the unborn from the hands of evil. And pray for the conversion of this modern monster of death. The only difference between him and Adolph Hitler/Joe Stalin/PolPot/Mau and other mass murderers is the size of the victims and the fact that the tyrants used henchmen to do their dirty work. Carhart, on the other hand, performs the killings himself. See here.

It's traditional on St. Nicholas Day to put out shoes for a little gift. Carhart should get the gift of many pro-life feet marching outside his chamber of death. You can march spiritually by praying the St. Michael prayer of exorcism.

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