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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bishops Kicanas Defeated for USCCB Head! Archbishop Dolan Elected.

The U.S. bishops today broke tradition by electing Archbishop Timothy Dolan to head the USCCB for the next three years. Read about it here. I'm very pleased that Bishop Kicanas was defeated. Now, I'd like to be among the revelers dancing in the streets over Archbishop Dolan's election, but I'm on my knees instead because of his participation earlier this year at the rededication of St. Francis Xavier's in Manhattan. 

St. Francis is well known as a homosexual parish where Mass can be an embarrassment to those who don't enjoy same sex acting out at the "kiss" of peace or watching rainbow sashers sashaying up to Communion. (Couldn't resist the pun.) Archbishop Dolan's actions at the rededication and his statements later do not encourage optimism among faithful Catholics fighting the scourges of same sex marriage and the sodomite lifestyle. See here and here for background. To understand my concern over Archbishop Dolan you NEED TO WATCH THESE VIDEOS. This parish FLAUNTS its approval of the homosexual lifestyle and Archbishop Dolan smiled and clapped when homosexual groups in the parish were introduced during Mass and praised for their full participation in the sacramental life of the parish, i.e., living the homosexual lifestyle and receiving Communion sacrilegiously. The scandal was there bigtime. When the archdiocese was approached about it, they first denied, then stonewalled when video proof appeared on the web. And THAT is why I am less than ecstatic over the election of Archbishop Dolan.

We need bishops with the backbone to act decisively against mortal sin, especially when it is being promoted within by men in Roman collars like the Jesuit pastor at St. Francis Xavier. As long as Fr. Joe Costantino remains at St. Francis promoting the homosexual agenda within the very sanctuary of the Church, Archbishop Dolan can hardly be taken seriously as a shepherd protecting the flock. That shepherd's crook is, after all, meant to be used against the wolf as well as to snatch the sheep back from danger. Wolves within the sheepfold are the most dangerous.

Pray for the bishops. May God have mercy on them and pour out the grace of fortitude upon them. They have much work to do. The question is...will they roll up their sleeves and do it, or are they too afraid of the inevitable persecution to imitate the first century apostles who were willing to die for the faith?

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