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Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA Sexual Assault: Children, Women, Old Folks, Passengers with prosthetics...

The first two videos show abuse and traumatizing of children. The little boy has his clothing removed. If someone did this in the park, he'd be arrested. The little girl is frightened and becomes hysterical. The TSA agent just keeps on groping. How many sheep are actually submitting to this without complaint? It's just plain sick. Male TSAs are fondling children between the legs, touching their genitals.

Meanwhile, Janet Napolitano is considering how Homeland Security can make accomodations for Muslim women wearing hijabs. Common sense, eh? How many three-year-olds have tried to hijack planes? How many Muslims?

TSA Screener Accosting 3 Year Old Child at Security Checkpoint from RonPaul Fan on Vimeo.

Need a breast exam? Just ask TSA! Watch the video below. The description of a mother's ordeal with her two young daughters begins at about 3:50 on the tape. Consider, it was a MALE TSA fondling this mom. He would have done the same to her daughters if she had not demanded a female agent. This is sex abuse plain and simple!

TSA strips a 70-year-old and feels up a young woman with an artificial limb. Now don't you feel safer?

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Anonymous said...

Obama is using the TSA to move us to a form of Marshall Law.