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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The CCHD Hucksters Know All the Tricks

A few days ago I wrote about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and their bogus reform. (See here.) Apparently, the CCHD hucksters are worried that too many Catholics in the pew are on to their game and won't buy into their message of hope and change at CCHD. Ah, what to do, what to do? Got it! Repackage and change the name. For sure that's happened in California which is calling this year's CCHD collection "National Needs in the Diocese of Orange."

Is this happening in other dioceses? Probably. So watch out for any "national" collection and verify before you give. Although my blanket recommendation is don't give to any special collections at all unless you know exactly how the money is being spent. Most of the church collections, especially the national and international "charities", are so tainted by federal money that they are no longer identifiable as Catholic. This is certainly true of "Catholic" Charities. Remember a few years ago when the Richmond Catholic Charities enabled the abortion of a young teenager in their care? (See here.)

It's time for a new national/international Catholic charity run by orthodox laity that refuses federal money, is completely voluntary (i.e., doesn't coerce through taxation), and follows Catholic teaching in grant-giving. It's time to cut off the bogus groups that operate according to secular policies using the name "Catholic" as window dressing.

We need truth in advertising in Catholic giving! How many would put one penny in the CCHD collection if they knew their money enabled abortion, contraception, gay rights, illegal immigration, and a host of other leftwing initiatives?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding about special collections -- It's seldom we in the pew hear about or even recognize the consequences of breaking the first commandment. A novelist couldn't make the point better than Gregory Kepferle has done in his letter about catholic charities at the oval office...