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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Come See the Village That Raises the Child

If you want to see the village that raises the children, come to my house for Easter Dinner. We will be a crowd of 30 including us, four of our five children with their spouses and children, one grandchild from our fifth child's family (we brought her back with us from Texas recently), and one of my siblings and his wife in the "grand" generation. What a happy chaos it will be with lots of praying and playing together.

Our first visitors arrive tomorrow. We will have our own indoor village with a one-bedroom "house" for each couple and two "dorm houses" for the girls and boys. The children will help with the chores and cleanup and will have the benefit of lots of adult guidance as they enjoy our village trampoline and playground and engage in an enthusiastic Easter egg hunt. Yes, it will be a joyful village celebration including honoring all the March and April birthdays to say, "We're glad you were born!" There can never be too many children or too many birthdays in a big Catholic family. Like Mother Teresa said, that's like saying there are too many flowers.

1 comment:

Karen said...

How wonderful that your Easter will be filled with such joy and laughter....
Happy Easter to you and your family!