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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Old Parish Continues to Outdo Itself!

We lived in Alexandria and attended St. Louis Church for about 28 years. I was the pro-life coordinator there for a long stint. All five of our children attended the school and three graduated from it. I even taught in the school for a year before deciding to home school the two youngest because of the breakdown of the family and what it was doing in the classroom.

But I loved the parish and the school and I am so pleased to see that they are still so active in promoting the faith and teaching the children about the faith in such creative ways. The photo below is on their website showing the "cardinals" in conclave to elect the next pope. Most of the boys were altar servers and perhaps one day a few may actually be wearing roman collars (and cardinals robes?). Congratulations to the pastor, principal, faculty, and parents who arranged all this -- and, of course, to the children. What a perfect teaching moment! And don't you just love the Swiss guards?

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