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Friday, March 8, 2013

When Was the Last Time You Were Stopped at an Unconstitutional Checkpoint?

Every now and then I get stopped on my own street for a license check. I sympathize with the police officers. I suspect they are looking for illegals. There are many in this area because of the chicken packing plants in the valley. Nevertheless, what they are doing is an unconstitutional violation of the fourth amendment that protects us from "unreasonable search and seizure...and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause." So I think I will respectfully decline next time I get stopped. It's time to stop cooperating with the unconstitutional infringement of our rights.


New Mexico Gal said...

I'm confused. We accuse the Obama administration of not cracking down on illegal immigration, but then give the border agents a hard time when they try to do it. What's the deal?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree; we are living in confusing times. But random check points where everybody is checked, for whatever reason, are seriously problematic. How would you feel if they were stopping all pedestrians demanding papers? Would that not give you pause?

The problem with illegals is totally out of control because of the long-standing refusal to deal with it. And, let's face it, the fact that the administration released thousands of illegals from jail recently, many of whom committed serious crimes, indicates that the random stops are useless anyway.

But every time we submit to an illegal and unconstitutional act on the part of government we are in greater danger of becoming a police state.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Do they tell you why they're doing it? I think you have a right to ask. The key word in that amendment is "unreasonable" and who defines it. Certainly if they give no reason whatsoever, they are operating out of the bounds that they took an oath to uphold. If we know any constitutional lawyers that might be a good question to ask him/her.