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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Robert Moynihan on Pope Francis

There's been plenty of commentary on our new pope in the secular media. Don't waste your time on it. They rarely get it right. On the other hand, one of my favorite commentators on what goes on in Rome is the editor of Inside the Vatican, Robert Moynihan. Here's one of his letters written a few days ago that give a multitude of insights into the character of the new pope. Pope Francis sure isn't shy about breaking tradition - from going to pay his own hotel bill to not following the pro-forma act of renaming current Vatican officials to their posts. This pope will certainly be interesting to watch in the days ahead. A few random thoughts that occurred to me while reading Moynihan's letter. 

He has a great love for the Blessed Mother. I read yesterday about his devotion to Our Lady, undoer of knots. There will certainly be lots of knotty problems facing our Holy Father from dealing with the SSPX,  cleaning up corruption, etc. He couldn't choose a better helper.

How humble and lovely to go off and pay his own bill at the hotel. It shows a man who isn't too big to do little things and say thank you to those who serve him.

Urging his Argentina flock to stay home and give the money to the poor instead shows real detachment. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by friends at a time like this. But he appears to have a real heartfelt love for the poor, unlike many "princes" of the Church who live like royalty and love the trappings and fawning attentions of worldly princes. I pray he is a John Fisher among the Cardinal Wolseys of the Church, with the spirit of the martyr, but the ability to successfully restore the bride of Christ.

Speaking of reform - he didn't reconfirm the bureaucrats breaking with the tradition of past popes. Good! Maybe we can hope he really will clear out some of the "smoke of Satan" from the Vatican bureaucracy.

His visit to the tomb of Pope Pius V may be a sign of his respect for the reforming pope. Was he attempting to dispel concerns about his respect for the ancient Mass? Does it hint at his own intention to bring about true reform like his predecessor?

He has eloquently defended marriage and has opposed homosexual unions and adoption. How many of his brethren have been that courageous? We need boldness as the world collapses everywhere into the Sodom and Gomorrah sinkhole. It looks like he has that kind of backbone.

The pope's installation Mass will be held in St. Peter's square -- NO TICKETS -- anyone may attend. Reading that made my heart leap with the joy. The hoi polloi are welcomed by this pope. Maybe he's a cleric that really does believe we are all essential to Holy Mother Church, not just the big donors, the powerful, and the celebrities.

Something tells me I'm really going to love this pope! He sounds like the "papa" we all need. Viva il papa!


Catherine said...

I don't think you have posted balanced opinions about Pope Francis I. Have you read any article in Rorate Caeli? There are many many voices that express GREAT CONCERN about the new pope. Just think why Cardinal Mahony is ECSTATIC about Francis. Just read his recent tweets. Bad sign right there. Just think about why our guardian of the sacred liturgy, Monsignor Marini is very unhappy about the new pope's move, not to mention, in one or two weeks it looks like Marini will lose his job as Francis is bringing in all the liberal Franciscans to celebrate and direct his Mass.

Everyone talks about his humility and his writing letter "bravely" about keeping the traditional marriage, etc. (which was too late at that time by the way) but only the Lord knows people with the true humility. I am disgusted by his being blessed by the protestant minister (look at the picture at Rorate Caeli). Orthodox Catholics are extremely worried about the future of the Church as Francis became the next pope. To me, there is nothing really different between Francis and Obama. I can go on and on why but I will stop here. But remember, humility is not a religion, but being true Catholic is. People who worship a virtue, make the virtue a religion, and forget the religion.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, I really think it is too early to tell what kind of a pope he will be. And don't you think we should give him a chance? He only took the helm a few days ago. And, as Brian Kopp commented on the Rorate Caeli post about Summorum Pontificum, the papacy can change a man. Shall we pray for him and especially pray that his humility is real, deep, and most pleasing to Our Lord who was Himself meek and humble of heart.

I think the flock should welcome the shepherd with the presumption that he will be a good shepherd. If his actions prove otherwise, then will be the time to demur.