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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Richard Dawkins Exposed as Spineless Wimp!

Richard Dawkins has no problem ridiculing the Christian God, but, asked about the God of the Koran, he ducked the question claiming he doesn't know anything about Islam. dumb does he think we are? Here's the Fraters Libertas take on Dawkins' sudden tongue-tied silence: 
It's funny how these confident, cocksure prophets of atheism-who barely have time to take a breath between slamming the tenets of Christianity and Judaism-often get curiously tongue-tied and shy when the subject of Islam comes up. The idea that Dawkins doesn’t “know so much about” the God of the Koran is absurd. Of course he knows about Islam. And the same disdain and disregard that he has for Judaism and Christianity should surely apply to Islam as well.

The truth is that bashing and mocking Judaism and Christianity is easy and painless. You’ll get praise and admiration from those within the “right” circles of academia, media, and entertainment. Your opponents will argue with and debate your views and they may even offer (gasp) to pray for you. There’s no real price to pay at all.
However, should you direct the same scathing criticisms towards Islam you’ll find those “right” circles suddenly closed off to you. And your opponents’ rebuttals may not be offered in articles and debate halls, but rather with bullets, bombs, and knives. Standing up to that takes real courage not the false bravado we see on displays as atheists attack Judaism and Christianity.
I've seen Dawkins bully college coeds and others who disagree with him. But I can never look at him without laughing when I recall his statements in the film Expelled about life beginning on the back of a crystal or being brought by aliens. There is no one so silly as an angry atheist with an axe to grind.

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Steven Cass said...

While this is true, I do remember Hitchens bashing Islam as well, just not as much. Personally, I think atheists lost a lot when they lost Hitch, namely their spine and creativity.
Even though Hitch frustrated me just as much as the rest of 'em!!!