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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Soviets and Barack Obama

The thing that disturbs me about the story below is that Tom Fife only began telling it in 2010.  At least that's the earliest it seems to appear. Did he reveal it earlier as he saw Obama rising? If not, why not? Would a commie operative really expose so much of the Soviets' plan to an American who might take it to the CIA? Or was she so arrogant she didn't think it would matter?  What's happening in the U.S. today seems to confirm the truth of what he says.... What do you think about this?

Global Elite Picked Obama Long Before Voters


Anonymous said...

Well, one thing we do know is that President Obama is doing everything he can to destroy the good morals in this country. Of course some leaders in both parties are doing the same, including many of the so-called "elite". I wonder what God Almighty thinks about the so-called "elite". In the end He wins, no matter how "elite" or powerful they are on earth. It is quite Satanic if you ask me, and some people better wake up and quickly.

Anita Moore said...

In her book School of Darkness, former communist Bella Dodd (who was brought back into the Church by Bishop Sheen) described the communist party tactic of suddenly thrusting a nobody into the spotlight of prestige and responsibility. The more callow and inexperienced the person was, the better, because then he would be all the more ready to take guidance from the party. Of course, once he served his purpose, and nothing more useful could be got out of him, the person would be discarded forthwith, vanishing from the spotlight as suddenly as he had initially appeared.

Kinda sounds familiar; we just haven't got to the discarding part yet.

Anonymous said...

I am really afraid for our country. Obama will cancel the election in four years and be dictator for life as he and the Demon-crats make our country go commie. and that will be the end of all our freedoms. now it is guns, next the press and then religion--Obama and the commies will destroy America

Ray Schneider said...

I'm fairly certain that I heard this story before 2010, indeed possibly as early as 2008 but noone paid any attention to it and it frankly is a pretty far fetched story.

There are a lot of other stories out there that Obama was a CIA operative for example. We know so little about him that you can float almost any wild story and get some traction.

Anonymous said...

Things didn't end well for dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu (as they often don't). Google Ceausescu's last speech on youtube - not pretty.