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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why Does DHS Need 2700 of These?

Where do you think DHS plans to use these armored vehicles? New York City? Chicago? L.A.? Your home town? It's pretty clear, the government is preparing for civil unrest. You almost get the sense they are looking forward to it! They have contracted for 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo in the next few years. Is it plausible that all those rounds are needed for target practice? And what do you think of those "targets" in my previous post? I'm a pacifist by nature and I trust in God not guns, but anyone with eyes can see that the most dangerous assault on the U.S. at present is from our own government. When talking too much about the Constitution makes you a suspected terrorist or asking police their authority for stopping you at a random check point or belonging to a "hate group - Christian identity," or "violent anti-abortion extremism" whatever that means, or using cash (all these categories are included in FBI flyers, more) it's pretty likely that almost any citizen can fit their definitions.


Anonymous said...

DHS did not buy these armored vehicles. They were produced for the military and deemed unsatisfactory. They are being re-furbished and re-painted for DHS. Currently there are less than 12 in circulation. Are they stock piling them....maybe. What would You do with a bunch of crappy vehicles that were produced for the military and don't meet standards?? I think I would do what DHS has done. Give them to a bunch of middle aged divorced men with vasectomies who are desperately trying to seem relevant and cool. Include in that tons of infighting,finger pointing, middle school antics. This is led by men who are afraid to say "no" to the big crybabies in DHS offices across this country. Men who have been sterilized act like queens on the rag. Pray for the good people who have to work in this environment and then are confronted with every conspiracy theory out there.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, I haven't seen anything about the vehicles being unfit. Every article I've seen is that they were used in Iraq and are being retrofitted. Regardless, why does Homeland Security need them?

Even Forbes is raising the question although their answer is the government is "stupid" rather than dangerous. I can't be so cavalier. As a student of history I think it looks "stupid" like a fox. Look at what happened in other governments before the tyrants' reigns of terror. There's something very familiar in the works and we've seen the prelude at Waco and Ruby Ridge. Those people were not dangerous and the government came in with guns blazing.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the government can be dangerous. I also believe the president would use government agencies to further his agenda if he could get away with it. The customs service started using swat like teams over twenty years ago to serve warrants and extricate people from dwellings. This has grown over the years to include DHS. Some offices(not all) have special response teams. A few months ago(I think) a special response team from California tried to extricate an armed and dangerous illegal alien from a house. Three of the agents were shot and one may be permanently disabled. Also, DHS has detention centers all over the country. Some of these swat teams are specially trained to respond to riots. All of these men deserve to be protected and trained properly. I suppose the armored vehicles are part of that protection so the swat team members don't have to ride their tricycles and become easy targets for the bad guys. If one of my family members was on one of these teams I would be glad he had the extra protection that police swat teams enjoy. Could DHS be used to harm American citizens...Yes, but I think many employees would not comply, even if threatened. I'm not in denial of the facts or history, however I do believe the first "martyrs"of the revolution would be government employees who fail to comply with the regime.