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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just who is Notre Dame's "lady?"

University of Notre Dame Looks to Hire LGBTQ Director

Notre Dame used to honor the Blessed Mother. Her image towers over the campus. But these days Notre Dame's "lady" is more likely to be a lesbian. It's time for someone to mount the dome and remove the statue there. Not only is Mary's presence a lie, since the university honors neither her nor her son, but it is also a blasphemy in view of the numerous scandals perpetrated by the administration. Their actions are the equivalent of plastering Mary with elephant dung like the notorious blasphemous art work.

But what is worse in God's eyes? For a secular, unbelieving bigot to desecrate an image of Mary or for a prestigious, well-known Catholic university run by men whose order is named for Mary's Son Jesus to promote perverse lifestyles,  celebrate lewd sex, and honor those who advocate murdering the innocent? I don't think that question is hard to answer. Jesus always held the Israelites to a higher standard because they were His chosen own.

And the writing is already on the wall that Notre Dame will cave on the HHS contraceptive mandate. Fr. John Jenkins chortled in February over President Obama's bogus "compromise" which was nothing of the sort. Does anyone really believe the Notre Dame administration will fight for a faith they already treat with contempt? And many Catholic schools caved long ago.

Tonight I watched A Man for All Seasons. I had a different feeling about the movie than I've ever had before. We are living it. Not only does our Church in the United States lack men like Thomas More who stand for the truth, but many are clones of the pathetic little swine Richard Rich who perjured himself for Wales. How many men like Fr. Jenkins at Notre Dame will sell themselves to party with the powerful and pander for federal money? We live in tragic times. But nothing's new under the sun. Fr. Jenkins reminds me of Richard Rich. His duplicity during the Obama commencement debacle and his vicious treatment of the protesters known as the Notre Dame 88 speak for themselves. Pray for him and other clerics of his ilk who bring such disgrace on our beloved Church.

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Dolorosa said...

I just watched the movie, A Man for All Seasons, last night. It's one of my favorites. We do need more like him today. One of his greatest books is The Sadness of Christ. A great book for Lent.