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Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm a Lloyd Marcus Fan

He's a black man with common sense who refuses to follow the "Vote for Obama because he's black" crowd.

My Black Family

Obama's election is one of the most racist events in U.S. history. The only reason he's in the White House is because he is black. And he's not even descended from black slaves. Rather, his roots are among the black slave traders. As Marcus points out, Obama is at war with black family values and he is actually a proponent of black genocide. Anyone who endorses abortion favors the annihilation of blacks who represent only 12% of the population but have nearly 40% of the abortions. If you have an elementary understanding of math, you can easily see that abortion discriminates heavily against blacks. And it's certainly no accident, since organizations like Planned Parenthood locate their abortion mills in minority areas.

Please pray for smart black men like Lloyd Marcus, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and Ben Carson that they will influence their own families and other blacks to wake up and smell the bigotry.

I always found it ironic when I was sidewalk counseling to have the pro-choice bullies calling me a bigot when I was trying to save every single baby targeted for murder regardless of color. Whether the moms were Irish white Catholics, Mexican Hispanics, brown-skinned Middle Eastern Muslims, or Asiatic Oriental Hindus I would do anything to help the moms choose life for their babies. I even talked about fate to the Wiccans. Life is precious and God never made a baby by accident. Some of these godly black men know it and are witnessing to the truth. May their numbers grow to be an army!

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